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Yeah, it would be interesting to see who they might go for and where that pick might be. I think a guy like Mason Natasha. She's going to go off the board pretty quickly. But if Say the Buffalo Sabres want just both guys that they draft high to be centers and 200 ft guys that you know you can rely on and they sort of glue align together. And ears and McTavish. You could do a lot worse. I would be very curious to see who slips through the first round to the favor. Second round pick. I would be very interested to see what forwards would be available for them there because I'm pretty convinced that some very very good ones would be available. If we're talking the other first round pick, and it's 1/7 or eighth overall, uh, a guy like Ken Johnson if he's available, you know, you just take to Michigan guys who already have played well together. Think that's not the worst idea, And I really like the potential of Ken Johnson. Like if we're talking about guys like all in power and the potential of their game and how much runway they have I look at Ken Johnson and go. Yeah, but you could make the same argument with him and with a bit of refinement and some time and some development You could have a tremendous sort of skilled offensive winger there that that has tremendous creativity that you don't find very often beyond that. If Dylan Gunter is available in that pic that you add that also in the high end, and it's maybe around nine or 10 ish, we'll see who's available at that pic. I think someone good will slip. But if I don't there is somehow still available. That might be a guy that I would also push forward. There's a few good options for forwards all throughout. I think the first round or two rounds that I think would be pretty easy plug and play guys with some time and development for sure, especially for a team like Buffalo that Is, you know, continuing to sort of build out and fill out their NHL team. You mentioned Luke Hughes in the discussion of of right up there at the top near with the better defenseman with all in power, any other defenseman that stand out in your mind that can compare to those guys or compete for a chance to go higher up in the draft? So I split my rankings into tears rather than really focusing on numbers. You know who's first persons who start and Luke Hughes is in my first here. He's the only defenseman there. I think there's a lot of work that needs to be done with him, But he has the advantage of age. An interesting thing that I've come to realize about Almost all of the defenseman in this year's draft is that they are There's a very wide range of possibilities with where their careers could go. I would say that the safest option for getting a defenseman who can you know eight minutes at the very least, is Simon Edinson. And I think there's a lot of runway to work with people who say that Simon Edmondson's defensive game is not great, I think are not quite seeing the right things that they should be seeing, I think is defensive game. Sometimes he can be a bit of a struggle to watch. But a lot of that comes from when he has the puck on his stick. Where is his defensive game, Especially at the under 18 tournament is that tournament went on got better and better, and you look more comfortable and I'm a huge fan of the defensive game that Simon Edmondson brings at this age, and I think that will carry him forward pretty well, Brand Clark. I think the big concern with him is that he's an offensive defenseman who In my view is kind of strictly at his best in the offensive zone and moving pucks up the ice. I think it's still a work in progress, and the skating is still a work in progress, but the vision and awareness of the ice And the aggressive offense is unlike anyone else in the draft. Um again, I think there are also interesting defenseman that could be available in the second round. I'm of the belief that second round picks are You know, some If you play your cards right, they can be just as valuable as late first into the mid first round. If you just draft guys who just shouldn't be available, and I think there's going to be really good for words and really good defenseman that You could probably snag in the early second round. But right up at the top. Yeah. I'd have a hard time making my first pick overall. One of these defenseman, it would be. It would be a tough one for me to do especially what I've seen with what I've seen of guys like veneers in Ekland, but Have the argument. I have time for the argument of, you know, see what happens with development. But You're talking about the first guy off the board, and that's where you kind of lose me a little bit. It's a bit complicated to me Will scout from the scouting report and joins us right now on the West, her hotline. He also contributes with MMA Keane's hockey. We also spoke with Ryan Wagman this morning from Akin's hockey, You can find that on demanded. W gr 5 50 dot com. Well, we got a few more minutes here with you, but I really need your help. Kind of classifying this draft class because there are a lot of people that see this draft class, comparing it to so many years in the past, and they say, Well, this is one of the worst draft classes. That that has come out in the NHL and sometime and I tend to disagree with that argument. I think that this draft class, especially with this top 10 group is a very good draft class of guys who are probably going to play 506 107 100 games in the NHL and give you really good production similar to like the 2011 draft class where your top three players were. Nugent, Hopkins, Landeskog and Huberdeau and All of them are going to be very good NHL players once their career comes to an end. But the rest of the top 10 are full of contributors that have made an effect with their teams at the NHL level, and I see this draft class kind of playing out the same way. How do you feel about the top of the draft class and the rest of the draft class? Overall is there is this Draft class where it kind of fits that mold or do you agree with some people were saying this is not exactly the strongest draft class that it's been around in years. Well, I kind of get a little bit miffed when I hear people talking about teenagers and you know, in one breath they'll Seo like with with development. This is going to happen. Like with time. This is going to happen or this player can outperform if they do this, and then they also in the same breath say, But this draft sucks. Find that that is just a bit confusing, like you can't have it both ways. If it's a bad draft than say that these players are not great, um to me. I'm not really in the business of projecting NHL draft classes and saying they're bad or good. What I will say about this classes. I don't necessarily see Game changing talent. You know, if you draft in your first overall, he's not going to be Sidney Crosby. He's not going to be economy David. He's not, You know, they're It's also extremely hard to be that immediately in the NHL anymore. The NHL has gotten so much better in the last few years with Depth of talent and the training and the you know the enhanced basically everything across the board. Um, so when I look at this draft class, I see a lot of very interesting case studies. I think that at the top end like you said, it's a good group of top 10 or 12 guys. But a lot of them. Like I said with the defenseman, there's a very wide range of possibilities for their career. Ken Johnson, for example, I think there's a world where he comes out playing like Johnny Gaudreau in the NHL with skill and creativity and highlight real stuff. There's also a world where he gets to the H l and might struggle to get in. Kind of like in Buffalo with Casey. Middle Stat has had a bit of struggles in his career. But you know, eventually you hope that they work through it and you take time and work on it. But It can happen, and I think that there's a lot of players like that. If Simon Edmondson's clock management doesn't really improve a whole lot over the next few years, I question just how effective him an NHL player, he'll be outside of really sort of that defense only kind of like an Adam Larsson kind of player. You know how valuable is that? It depends who you ask, so I think there's a lot of that..

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