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To providing value in figuring out how we can create more opportunities for people that come to us and the deaths that you get is only the small piece of the overall picture of what we're doing it allie what do you mean by that there are multiple tracks that you need to kind of get on that we believe not that you need to get on but there are multiple tracks at could be additive in your journey of being an entrepreneur and one is meeting the right people right the right people's essential so we're fixated on vetting likeminded people properly having a community if you enter in a cancer it could destroy the community so quick so really protective over the community in the way we build our infrastructure to allow for that to happen so at least not open for everybody a private space you apply to get and we don't vet you based on who your friends are or how much money you have we look at if the community can help you if you can help the community those are the major factors we do something what i like to call like the drink tests would we get a beer with you could we see ourselves working with you i mean these are the things that are essential to other people than wanna be around other people so this likemindedness of getting the right people in a room fixated on that and then once you have people in the right room what are you providing we've set up a platform where people can have marketing support you can hire within the community the greatest thing about it is you can have a drink with the person that you're about to do business with you don't have to go to this whole sales process that where somebody's kind of selling you get to know the person before you decided to do business with them all right see if you can click around values right and really focused on programming in how we can bridge the gap between really large organizations and the start of ecosystem most recently our biggest deal we've partnered with verizon and we've actually open space with verizon and we're launching a series of programming with horizon and we just opened in new york city a brand new five g lab to bill technology off of the new five g which is really cool because if you would five g is it's your three g on your phone and you have lt five jeez not out yet it's al in a lab and we built it was rising and people are building technology on top of five g we actually starting to incubator together where a launching new technology on top of five g together with verizon we're enhancing those relationships because the value that horizon.

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