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Like w. E P. C mobile news on the level on the go. A new task could make this easier eventually. Partly cloudy overnight, mostly sunny and cooler Tuesday. I'm Stanley here. Here's what's trending this hour. A new saliva test for Corona virus could allow faster and wider testing, but not right away. Eric Berman reports. The ale developed tests just approved by the FDA returned to results within two or three hours and without shipping anything up your nose. Indianapolis based Reagan Strief Institute vice president, Sean Granite, says it'll take weeks for the test is in wide use. Just think about all of the logistics. What sort of specimen container are going to be used lost saliva test. It's simpler to administer Grams says the real potential gain. Is it simpler to analyze? The test breaks down proteins with chemical that's much more widely available that was used for current tests. Eric Berman, 93 WNBC Mobile News. Your legislators can't socially distance at the State House because there's not enough room and Greenfield State Senator Mike Writer says efforts to minimize contact will change the workload used Tio here five bills on a typical session day. It's probably not going to be feasible anymore. They need an alternative before November 17th when the law requires they meet their The Trump campaign warns of massive fraud through mail in voting but in the state of Washington, we're all voting has been done by mail since 2011 Secretary of state Kim Lyman says it's not perfect, but it's also not rampant fraud. And so you know, we haven't really seen when I heard the president and others talk about on the level on the go on Twitter and 93. W I. B. C and W II be si dot com. Come now. Here is the forecast from the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. A few early evening scattered showers and storms ending overnight a low down to 56 lots of sunshine for your Tuesday and very comfortable with a high of 80. I'm wish TV Storm track a meteorologist Marcus Paley for 93 WNBC that surrounds.

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