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Processed wafers bitch await for stands governor malloy for one more than an oreo. Oh yeah way more wow oh i can hold something refined about that. Actually i do appreciate. There's something very subtle t to yeah. It's really it doesn't smacking on top nekia box. It's really wonderful and if you if you wanna fuck with a nil wafer banana pudding oh yeah see that's the thing my earliest memories are nila wafers being handed out in like daycare yeah and then on the box that was remembered. They presented as the garnish this pudding. I have yet to have that dude. You got to help me out. All you gotta do is google magnolia bakery nil away for putting pudding and follow that it's so easy you make it with <hes> with jello instant vanilla pudding great and you and basically that's it yeah and then you need in a banana and throw some bananas in their away first dude horse. It's that easy horse. It is so easy and it's so good. It's a it's a party pleaser corona a party. You wanna bring something that we're gonna talk about ever make it make it all fucking time. Oh damn also you'd you'd so nila wafers really is <hes>. I love nila wafers. I yeah i never buy milas in the fucking pantry nabisco. Yeah guys give me a lifetime supply of a fucking nila <music> who else is fucking hawking nilo wafers podcast literally. No nobody yeah but yeah. I love nila. I call it nesia asia wafer wow from columbia. I call it a niche <hes> why nesia let's talk about the hashtag boycott olive garden movement except going movements it is okay sorry olive garden pardon revolution. It's not be televised so olive. Garden is one of the food brands i guess they're mostly food brands that got mentioned in that tweet and then bernie sanders just re tweeted. Re tweet didn't even re tweeted just like quoted it and mention the same thing without fact checking it in the washington post pointed <unk> out that at least the information that that tweet was going off of they were including money donated by packs and individuals so not necessarily the organization. That's why when i had to clarify people with taco bell rang. They were on that list but the owner of the company isn't the best either so. I think it's it's funny though it's like what is the ven diagram of people who go to olive garden and people who like care much money goes yes exactly like i don't know that there's there's much of a cross section there right well without lifetime pasta pass they. They just gave away value four hundred dollars for a lifetime of pizza pasta mr soup and bread sticks. I mean look. I think that if we can talk about the food just for one minute and then we'll get back into the politics <hes>. I think that the olive garden is i put it on the same level as the what i imagine. The pumpkin spice lots is which is like a bunch of scientists get together and they're like what can just like activate all the pleasure sensors rain yeah. Let's work from there because the food is delicious. It's fucking gross. It's just it's like cheesecake factory's delicious and gross yeah. It didn't take your fish mcdonald's or sure base getting into this right yeah. Sugar don't even look look into their politics man. Oh yeah fucking kazu dude but then it was wrong right yeah so it was basically like they weren't or the whole list was kind yeah. The whole list is a little bit <hes> questionable <hes> this time an anti list right in general. I think they can get dangerous yeah y- yeah and apparently this isn't the first time i'll garden has been targeted by an online boycott because back in two thousand fifteen conservatives were up in arms that the company neither owns olive garden was donating planned parenthood and that was also bullshit stemming from a boycott list so this is something that happened darden restaurants restaurants gets a bad rap man right so they do nothing wrong. I wanna boycott olive garden. There's plenty of good reasons to like what so they contribute contribute to this national restaurant association <hes> lobbying interest <hes> that is basically all about you know trying to screw screw their employees over probably every one of these fucking bill yeah yeah..

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