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My older mentor said to me if mom comes in night it would be data's well and says something's wrong with her child don't let her out of the room until you figure out what it is because she's right and i think you're absolutely right and i encourage parents trust their gut if you're a mom or dad listening hunts says something's wrong here then something's wrong so advocate for your child and i know it's really hard because in the medical system were also busy we physicians but really advocate for your child so let's talk about specifically what parents aside from feeling that gut instinct something's wrong here my child may be anxious her gee wiz johnny doesn't want to go to school because he has a stomach ache every morning talk to me a little bit more about how parents can sort of say i think my child may have anxiety i'm going to do a little bit of detective work what do you tell them to do with it takes me on a little bit of a segue to get people to think about anxiety basically as our fighter flight response that's gone awry and his humans we have developed this amazing response to true danger that helped to stay alive as a species yes unfortunately over time that has been hijacked and we have more false alarms because we live in a more stressful society doesn't have those acute dangers but we have chronic stressor and so if you think about that fighter flight response that happens in a blink of an eye that if you will we see danger and even before our brain registers it that impulse goes to win area deepen our temporal lobe hauled our amid la and our amid villa in mmediately functions two caused that alarm system going releasing neuro hormones and chemical messengers up enough and nor up enough fron hortus all into our body and our body gets ready to fight iran ryan so if you think about.

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