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Find. Among graphs now. Okay. I find the NFL draft. Most fascinating. There seemed to be more experts on the NFL than there are any other sport. And of course, the the people make the picks for teams who are not official members and are doing it media wise, the they never have to answer for their pitch later on right? The the GM's of the world, and the coaches who world do and that's what Bob Quinn and met Patricia will be going through after the the draft that was held over the weekend. Mike O'Hara covered it for Detroit Lions dot com is on the other end of our long morning Mussa. Ru how you doing good morning Frank. Just a couple of things you're right. We don't have ramifications, but we do have readers and people who look at it and call us the test, right, wrong indifferent. But beyond that, I just heard an air horn go off about three minutes. You'll just tells you about the national football with that muses here at Allen park and the guys right on the practice field a part of their off-season program. Life goes on in the National Football League. No matter what you have nine six mayor in the first round flap. Whatever does as usual out on the practice field with goes, indeed. And and and the welcome in the newbies when they when they get here, including the undrafted free agents who who were. Signed. And we'll learn about them as time goes on the name the real quick trae Lamar of Clemson linebacker. Jonathan do hard Old Dominion wide receiver might say, Andrew Fresno state guard. Ryan, pope tackle, San Diego. State. Bo how good luck with this one bench while of Wisconsin who played guard and tackle for the badgers. Ray? Smith Boston College. Smaller knows Dakhil Melik Carney, North Carolina defensive end Matt Nelson defensive line Iowa, Andre Wilson wide receiver UAB Alex Booker. Pittsburgh linemen, Donald Parham Stetson tight end schreier tied incident, there might. Yeah. The certainly are I've got a line on some of those guys Donald harmless yet, Detroit Lions dot com. Do every position we do the topic players because the lions pick eight that's the scientific for making it aid. And then I have one to watch at some of these positions. Just turns out. Gilani Gilani divide the linebacker from Hawaii was my one to watch. And so was Donald Parr him the the tight end from. It's just I'm sorry from Stetson wonder if he wears a steps in half, and the one thing about him that caught my eye is he six eight in about two hundred thirty pounds comes from a football back on of four relatives who played college football one of whom had a try out as a as a low round draft pick in the National Football League. Caught sent over the last two years something like one hundred fifty passes and have fifteen to sixteen yards per catch. Now, he's six eight to thirty five. I don't think you're gonna play tighten national football at that size. But maybe oh bulk up, and he'll be something. That's what you look at. You know, when you sign these undrafted free agents and just caution these guys who've agreed to terms, according to media reports we'll see if they actually say, I'm quite sure they will. But you never know. There's a lot of skulduggery. In the National Football League. I've seen guys agree to terms with one team in sign with another before before they actually get on the field aside from tied-in Hopkinson at the top of the lions draft list, which which other pick stood out to you. I love Anthony Bryant the big Clemson defensive end. Yeah. I do too. You know, you had pictorial injury November explained on his his senior four year player, by the way senior who really done enough to have, you know, body of work to be drafted on any said, look you wanted to be with his teammates and make that run for the for the national championship complete opposite. Of course of Nick knows of Hieaux stay drew three or four young three or four weeks into the season that a cord muscle injury. No, maybe could've come back for the run at the end shows to appear himself the draft and to each his own, Matt. I'm just saying it's apposite I'm not saying, right or wrong. But now something about the fiber of a kid, you know, intestinal, fiber and the makeup you're sort of like. I like that one town you've probably noticed kid better than I do is running back from Maryland. Did that Queen bowl? Yup. Absolutely. I remember that quickly in bowling. He ran like seventy nine yard or something for a touchdown. Ken Brown said it was sixty now we're up to seventy nine. Whatever it was it was a long run. Ninety. Her stand has absolutely blinding speed apps. All hasn't doesn't ever receiving background which? You know, what needed to Billy SIMS when he arrived here as we thought Oklahoma two catches in his career. I think but Oklahoma turn out to be one of the best receiving running. I've ever covered in my life. And and and but we'll see how he worked out. But that's you know, we get down to the fifth sixth seventh round you're looking for defaming skill for players in for tigon speed. And there's there's never enough speed in the National Football League. Yep. Exactly. And we'll see when they sit up and and go against the the big guys who are already on the team when camp opens when the when the drill start before that it, you know, it's it's too early to rank them until you see them against NFL competition in the all that's true. You're the one thing you look at when you're grading. I started grading trade news quite a long time ago. Even though it's fun. It really was fun. You know, it's kind of 'cause you're kind of matching with but just look, you know, where players you're trying to get a consensus of how many people for example, a second round pick. Graded in the second round. And everybody has an in the fourth round team takes in the second. You of question. Why you look like I said for you, no redeeming qualities, and and and why you probably jumped up I think the Jilani value realistically that's into that category. But the one thing I think people have to remember take into account and the Detroit Lions drafting under Clinton head coach Matt Patricia they have a specific way to play the game off defensively, and you'd have to fit that profile in doesn't fit everybody really doesn't it doesn't fit. Everybody's four three doesn't fit. Everybody's three four sets Matt Patricia defense. And if you see the way played in the last eight games of west season, you'll see he's got a pretty good framework on how to get it done. All right. We we all that that carries over to this season. Michael, thanks for the time. And by the way, I was guilty of those mock drafts to and you know, remember sports rep we with we would have a lot of fun talking about the pick. So look, I really I was a multiple. Defender. You know, what I can't wait to do it again? I hear ya. I love it talked to Mike. Thank you. All right. Frank next..

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