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A on talkative privy to your wife a plus a plus make sure she does so we are watching the the nfl poobah are going to be getting together here in orlando in the next couple of days they're going to start off this weekend and they're going to have some big meetings on monday and it's one of the things they're going to be looking at is the incredibly complicated and impossible to explain rule because it doesn't make any sense in the first place about when is a catch not a catch and exactly what the definition of completion is and obviously the lions have been stung by this on a on a couple of occasions where the definition of completion has been exhausted and they always come out on the wrong side of it so to discuss these rules changes we are joined by our favorite analysts and all of the nfl our good friend jim brandstatter granny guy gordon ken brown it's good to be brandon so never never mind the fact that any rule change needs the needs the twenty four out of thirty two franchises to agree to it so i don't know how likely this will be but just from your spot in the booth and you watched more football games than most of us have do you still do you have any understanding of what this rule really means i swear it's they have tried to you know you know it reminds me of ken you'd love this guy you'd understand it it's like when you try to analyze humor what makes something funny.

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