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New movie star the Philadelphia seventy Sixers fans and their star syndrome and be called throwing tonight the plane the Los Angeles Clippers they've a one oh four ninety four lead media savvy Sixers well padded with unbeatable home to the NBA's best team at home with three thirty seven to play in the fourth quarter he was booed not allowed it wasn't a chorus of boos in terms of drowning out two years but he was booed a little bit by the fans before the game got started then he made one play got a bucket and one baby raised his arms out in the fantasy given that all right that's awful and as always everything I get the whole thing that they're frustrated that the Sixers should be better than they are they are terrible on the road and you hear and words of friction between joellen be they've been sent I just wonder how much of that noise could be the seventy six as to what I believe would be a mistake think about trading this guy in the summer just because it seems like the fifth may not be there anymore but to enjoy all the beat of incentives or how much is out Wofford also effective in this because he came off the advanced he came off the bench for the first time since what two thousand seven two thousand eight may twenty six twenty seven minutes we gave almost over there up eight with three twenty to go against the clips and beats got twenty five and nine print this off the table Steve from the floor right and I'm twenty five minutes of play but I like with Brett brown it coach said I said is this ideal no but anybody that knows Joe knows that this is part of what makes him go yes Sir well you know in its it is an ideal maybe not is it Joe well yes is there a you know maverick in a in a lot of really really good play is yes and is this you know sort of sided show that has always been there that it's a clean fulls probably not the word did their best suits this but it's it's it's that it's some some phrasing of that and you know we move on he summed it up that that's he's he's a different type personality and telling fans to shows you know and then giving an expletive is posting an ad that that's who he is he's a it is a very free spirit and there's not a ton of sensor from brain to mouth and that still L. M. B. I'm good with it because I never the question is passion Ben Simmons a cat of a different color I know people love with his game I know they love the way he's able to play make in a new patient space MBA one no longer know anymore because everybody's doing it in the NBA you look at it outside of being that's gonna be a lot better for your basketball team been joellen beat I question Benson is committed to be with this franchise I don't question that was old and be and if you're the Philadelphia seventy Sixers you should now that any kind of noise I've inside your organization or from fans in the stands me to say you know what maybe these guys can't get along or maybe whatever the perception is out there if on the seventy six and I never had the question where joy welled in beads stance you don't have to like the fact he goes about it you think he may be used to injury prone that he doesn't care enough that guy cares a lot about winter and cares about basketball skip the team plane died Miami to come back to Los Vincent was always there's always the sense of the minute that he becomes an unrestricted free agent his **** is heading towards Los Angeles he can't wait to play for the Lakers he can't wait to get out of Philadelphia dated wider right why would you I don't care about that the because that's a curriculum right there well why would you even think that you should trust that guy to be to be to your team when a guy that has wanted to embrace that a job would be and is never quit on your team one of the basketball court like we see that times have been Simmons so far this year Yahoo it was more upset when Kawhi Leonard to hit that three bounce Trey in game seven last year when I was in tears the locker room in a hallway yet well maybe it was a very body wasn't around his mom's already in Australia yeah I'd totally agree man and for Philly fans to blue jell well again I mean he says some things that brings out upon himself as coach brown said that that's and that's part of who me is is ideal no but there isn't any sensor from breaking the mouth when it comes with hello I'm beat and at times that can motivate a team and be very positive and very good and I fanbase embraces that and at times like right now it can have an adverse affect to the point where he's putting on Instagram also you know heroes are born in Billings can be made in any the brothers I know a place of villains I got a hold for you here is a home for Phillips quote quote right I mean it and then Giles replying I hear you bro I mean you can't make any of this stuff up it's a real live soap opera it's days of our lives with the Philadelphia seventy Sixers right now is if it's in the Freddie Coleman of Freddie effort Simmons and ESPN radio since X. Intel eighty by the way joellen vita Marcus Morris having a little tete a tete little manly man no fence will point thrown across because god don't do that anymore but Marcus Morris is never start about backing down he's doing it neither is gonna be so that was very innocuous he has all the beats on NBC Y. you join in the said get off me and B. pushes him and then he stops them and actually you know mark is more to come on me and you mark is more as I get it you know your role I understand it but that guy is the kind of guy that says you know if you want to meet me outside our comedy to medical Jodie and walk to the bus of and wait on you and now this this is this was typical you know hockey pushing and shoving and god come between notice a hockey hockey they fight well I mean I'm black I'm going pushing and shoving right like you know one of those like I you know you get a little sticky Jabba the ribs right and you know I hate you your check you talk a little bit then they got everyone else comes then sometimes gloves you drive well that's what I was going with it I'm curious it's not going to escalate but if you're one guy could have escalate it's the guy that has no sensor from brain to a mile if I would not for nothing with all that's going on with the noise in the boy before the game got started this the perfect beverage all and be all your because fans do they can criticize their guy would you can't pick on their job and I wonder how much of that kind of flipped into my to some fans and Morrison it be just gave each other gap in a pound and a half yeah all's quiet on the western there was a lot of why I oughta why you better what my model what you that's what that was any time involving Marcus Morris joellen be but giving up on that guy choosing bin Simmons over him to me they'll be a colossal mistake by the Philadelphia seventy Sixers if they decided to do that in the off season even if it's in the Freddie Coleman who was on tour with the hashtag with the good times roll my handle Coleman ESPN Ian handle it if it's ESPN the rob Manfred Major League Baseball commissioner story has had some bad episodes will lately that's next on ESPN radio present about progressive insurance in.

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