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Especially with environmental insults like that. So my entire life go. This is Condemn Debbie. you. Once you hit that wall. And then you get a little car accident or you get a virus or some or, you know, a family member dies another stressor. It pushes you over and then autoimmune returns on so people like you meet were more likely to have our immune system start attacking body. And the first thing that gets attacked is your thyroid profit. Why is that the case? I don't know why the Thyroiditis I think we know why your immune system does that. But the deal here is is really straightforward from talking all these people in force myself through the thinking too structured in the book is that you can push me hard, and then recover, and he pushed hard and recovering. What I did. Like, just turn the volume all the way up and just leave it. There is holding slow to the floor cover and sign. Yeah. Right. I'll young. Yeah. I'll just push harder. It's it's a willpower thing. And so what you end up doing is you permanently? Put the brakes on once you start doing that all the energy that should go into repairing yourselves because king your cells, and you can undo a lot of that. And I've managed to turn off my hush mother's antibodies. But here's the deal. As a thing for high performers the best people in the world, they push really hard. And then they recover like maniacs. And they pushed hard that recover and the ones who are running from something, you know, after prove I'm good enough to run away from failure the way, I made my six million in lost my six million with that kind of a mindset. That's what breaks you. And that was a part of my issue. So I had a chemical assault from the toxic mold that was in my bedroom, and I had emotional stress, and then, you know, you go to work like I'm gonna push really hard. And then you go through a bad breakup and things like that. And all of a sudden your body just starts to between you. You're listening to the Jordan harbinger show with our guest. Dave asprey. We'll be right back after this. This episode is sponsored in part by hostgator. Do you have a business card?.

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