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They're bringing on to cover hockey. But it's pretty unbelievable. Here's here's some of the names. Instigators. Our number two Darren Dreger at 11 30, Ray Ferrero, Brian Boucher, Ryan Callahan, Kasey Campbell, Pasco Wreck DPH Trow. A gym A Jamelle, Esko Kevin weeks. Those are hockey analysts, Um they'll also Barry Melrose, Mark Messier. Um It isn't Wayne Gretzky going to Chelios, Chris Chelios. I know. Um, hold on. I'm just trying to find the list here. It's just It's unbelievable how many people they hired Chelios, Um, Hilary Knight. Mm uh, Leah Hextall shot. I mean, John Buccigross, Sean McDonough like they have Blake bold and they have so many, uh There's so many people being hired elite like very elite. It's almost like overwhelming how many people you're going to know how many options there are to see games in different different analysts and stuff like that. But Yeah. Good, good, good list of people there. I'm looking forward to seeing Messier. I mean, I think yeah, he could be. He could be fantastic. I don't I don't know. Like One of those things, right? Um It's gonna be hard. I guess I don't know what's messy going to say. Seeing her rip guys. Could you imagine Rive? Like, Like, what if you were playing and and then all of a sudden you made a mistake in a big game And you've got all of a sudden you got the moose Mark Messier sitting there shredding you on national television. Or Wayne Gretzky. Think I would be okay with that. Better than than someone else. Yeah, Absolutely. Yeah. Fair least They're talking my name, right? Yeah, that's that's one way to get. How do you think? How do you think they're going to do like you think that that, uh You think that's going to work out? Um, I I I think that ESPN will always make it work out. I mean, it's It's Yeah, it's it's going to work their listen. Listen, listen, there are always you know, you see names and things like that. You're like, Okay? Yeah, bringing that person and then some of you like, why and but Yes, I think I think it will always work out. Um, they're huge, and I think it's huge for hockey that they're taking hockey back, You know, like all the revenues and everything. That's one thing. But ESPN is the face of sports in the United States. It always has been. Since I moved here. Um ESPN has always been the face of sports much like T s San and Toronto And you have your your sports nets, right? Like They're your faces of sports, you know, in your countries. So, um, other big hockey news? Uh, we'll start with this one. First Lightning forward Alex Killorn will miss Game two of the Stanley Cup. You had a you had a great point. It's obviously when he went down to block that shot. Took it off the foot. And you said something that is About as honest and true as you can talk about when you're talking Stanley Cup finals. You remember what you said? Yes, I do. Um, you know Alex Killorn in the last game ended up blocking a shot. Shea Weber shot And for him not to play in the Stanley Cup finals. This has to be a significant Injury. This has to be a broken foot. Where there's just no way he can get his skate on. His foot. There's just no way because the way I see things There's no clear evidence where it gets them. But it's it's ankle could be ankle. It could be. Yeah, it could be. There's a gap. Ladies and gentlemen, if you're not familiar where, you know, he turned his foot toe down to the ice. So his blades are facing the ice are facing the boards. His toes are down to the ice and the outside of his body is facing the shot, so he takes the shot on the outside of his left left leg. Yeah. And There's a space there where your shin pads come down and where your tongue goes up, and then the back of this where you have no padding. There's like a little space there where there's no padding. Yes. And sometimes it's it. I mean, this was a rocket of a shot. This was an ad. He winds up a tree. Uh, he's got a bomb. It looks like it hits them in the high ankle. Or in the ankle, and that's usually where there's no padding. Um, but I was what I was saying was, you know it has to be significant. In order for him not to play And the reason why I say that is You know, I I hate to say this, but you know, there's there's drugs that can numb the pain of, you know, putting a skate on and making sure that that you're going to play there are needles. And this This has to be significant enough where I mean, he just can't get He has no mobility, probably in the ankle or or whatever. You can't put any weight all the severity of this injury right now, but for him, not the play because he's played exceptionally well, axe corn has played exceptionally well. In these playoffs, Um and he will be missed. There's no question Gretzky, by the way is with TNT. As I was mentioning. I just I couldn't remember which one he was with. I know I didn't say it was with ESPN. But I think it's interesting. Gretzky's with T s TNT, and then they go and ain't they hire messy? Um All right. Jonathan Taves says he had chronic immune response syndrome and his body could couldn't recover properly. He is back in Chicago. And skating and will play this year and we were talking just was it last week or the week before about how rumors of Chicago over coming up and it and all the opportunity for Jack Echo there surrounded or, uh, Whether Jonathan Dave's was going to be able to play or not this year to carry that $10 million salaries, So to me, great news for John to visit he's recovered. Okay. Great news for the Hawks that he's recovered, but, um On ice for the Hawks. They have off ice issues that they're dealing with Yahoo and, uh, not good for trade partner for the Buffalo Sabres, in my opinion. No, no, I think this puts a little wrinkle. And in Chicago, um it would have been a lot different if if 33 year old Jonathan Taves. Medical Issues would have kept him out longer or.

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