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Options, I have in my hand, if you can hear that, it is a contract from mister Payne. And it says that I have no matter what, even when he's not here, hashtag no days off. I have to talk about Florida state. I get it. It's a big game this week. I didn't want to do it. I mean, come on, pain. I mean, they've lost back to back games. So I really want to talk about Florida state this week. I don't honestly, I mean, maybe one of the reasons why paine's not here forget all that hubbub about the trip to the Tennessee for the game, the wedding, all that stuff that's going on there. Maybe he just didn't want to show up after what Jordan Travis did late Saturday night, which is throw back to back interceptions, probably the two worst interceptions I've seen as far as moment and time, you needing not to turn it over and then you do exactly what you shouldn't do. I mean, that was a bad look for Florida state a game that they should have absolutely won against the backup quarterback in NC state. So I think that when you're looking at this matchup against Clemson, all jokes aside, I think people are stunned by the line. And that's Clemson favored by only three and a half points. Top 5 team against an unranked team only favored by three and a half. And the opening line was Clemson 5, so literally money's been on Florida state. And then you dive into the stats. So if I told you this, would you be surprised if clients Clemson was only laying three and a half. Floor states played the tougher schedule. Florida state, yards per play margin, very basic stat. I'm sorry. I don't have the advanced analytics this week that pain and Todd usually have. That's just not me. I love that they rely on that. I think it's great. I think it's the wave of the future. It's just not personally what I do when I'm breaking down a game. I just go to the basic basics, give me the meat and potatoes. And you look at Florida state from a yards per play margin number 13 in the country. Clubs in number 27. Four states better. And that's against better competition. For state yards per game. Better than Clemson. Now scoring margin, not so much, but obviously you go back and start going through floor states games. And they had a mess up at goal line against LSU when they could have game control there. They also probably should have settled for the field goal last week. They missed them scoring opportunities there. So the scoring margin should be better for Florida state, but when you look at yards per game yards per play margins to very basic stats, floor states better despite playing better competition. So that is one of the reasons why when diving in and I saw my power rating said three and a half. The line says three and a half. I'm not at a bet right now, but breaking down the Clemson offense versus the Florida state defense. I think you got to start with DJ uyanga LA. I mean, look, he misses throws, still a lot of them each week. But no question he's improved as a passer. Number 29 in the country in QBR doesn't sound great, but it's better than last year. He's got a 14 to two ratio, 64% completions. Last year, 56% negative touchdown interception ratio last year, 9, ten. He's running a little bit more. Obviously dropped a 30 pounds in the off season. That's helped out the offense a little bit. I will say, will shipley a running back? He's been okay? I mean, 400 and 46 yards, 5.9 yards per carry 8 touchdowns. I mean, I think a lot of people would take that from your starting running back. But I kind of expected will shipley to be a top 5 top ten running back in the country. So far, I haven't seen it yet this year. Collins Williams, nagata, solid, that wide receiver. It's not going to give you memories of what Clemson had a wide receiver a few years ago with Trevor Lawrence. I'll tell you that. On the defense side of the ball for floor state in the matchup, they've been solid, especially when you consider they've been dealing with injuries. So I don't see a clear cut edge here. Often, the Clemson's offense first four states defense, maybe slight edge for climbs in there. I think the bigger stories on the other side of the ball for me. And big question, and I actually wish pain was here. He'd give me the inside info on this, but a leading Russia for Florida state, Trey Sean ward, didn't really word is he didn't need surgery, so that's good news for him at least for the rest of the season, but I think at best he's questionable here. He's their leading Russia. He's averaging 6.8 yards per carry almost 500 yards rushing already this season. I will say I like Benson until a feely. There are two backups. They run really hard, but when you're playing clams in that front, you would like to be a 100% healthy, especially a running back. So that could potentially be a big miss missing piece for that Florida state offense. Speaking of the offense, has it been leaking a little bit the last couple of weeks? I mean, they haven't been able to top 400 yards in any of the last couple of games. How does floor states quarterback Jordan Travis respond? I was reading an article before I did this. I mean, usually they said Jordan Travis even keeled isn't very emotional, good and bad. But he had a ton of emotion after both interceptions last week. So how does he respond? I'd like to think that he does because I think he's so far this season has been one of the more improved passers. I mean, he only had one interception all season prior to that fourth quarter against NC state last week. So just more regression as far as I think we'll see more of the player that we saw earlier in the year and just had a bad quarter. But what gives me a little bit of pause, I think, Clemson defensively is getting also healthier. Keep in mind, the game against wake forest are missing three guys in the secondary. They get them back and they're still kind of struggling a little bit, past defensive wise. I mean, they are giving up 256 yards per game, but Brian brizzy, the outstanding Clemson defense alignment. He's going to be back this week. He's missed some couple games.

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