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But most of the time he's been focusing on launching his own career as director, which he does this week with a stylish Lou budget entry hotel Artem is which has a fantastic Jodie Foster Jeff Goldblum and Dave Batista severe patella and Charlie day. And sterling k. Brown. The aforementioned sterling k. Brown as Quinto anyone else if I miss anyone. Yeah, Jeff. I mentioned Jeff, have you? Yeah, let you the second person. I wasn't isn't as fine droop. Here's came into this freight booth. Again, talked to me Jenny, Jenny slate. She was not here, but it was drew. Peers came into this free talk to me about month two months ago, and we had a good old at listen, a very long interview. I'll have to say I did think about cutting down into a special ultimately decided leave within the pot. But we talk about a lot of stuff and hopefully you will enjoy it here. We are me talking to droop. Here's enjoy. We're delighted to be joined on the podcast by writer and director of hotel artists. Mr. drew Pearce. How are you, sir? I'm very well, will the bet of seeing you'll charmer you'll smoothing likewise, in fact, but I'm going to start off with an appeal drew because you're you. Mr. appears for reason because that's what you used to be on Twitter. You're now Instagram, you're an active force on Instagram, but you have given Twitter to swerve and you're really good at Twitter, and I know that there were reasons why. Lift better. Saying it's been a while. So maybe now it'd be time to come back a yeast saying to me that the in the five years, since I laugh Twitter, it has become a peaceful peaceful place where people sign nice things. Each other people are so into Trevor Slattery on Twitter. That is a change. You have no idea. It's changed so much landscape, but here's the thing you can do so much these days with muting. You can do so much with the people that you filter on your feed all the all the batons you can. You can filter c. Chris, this sounds like a lot of hard work for thing that will ultimately only suck up my time. Perhaps caused me emotional dissonance. I, it's an interesting thing I managed to not be on any social media, three years, which I won't lie. I can't wonderful. Okay. But in promoting the, you know, in hotel awesomeness and kind of starting, then I least ventured onto Instagram, which I find just be a much more peaceful place. Well, as you know, I'm a big fan and I, I mentioned in three every so often on Twitter. Thank you for keeping the dream alive. Well, I think those small independent movies needle helping. I mean, we kicked off at that thing. Only made one point, three billion. One point. Two billion just between the two. Two one, five. I don't know. It wasn't one point. And now in the Gandhi. That's good. I mean, I'm still I'm still incredibly proud of that film. I think Shane and rubber and Kevin and Stephen, Bruce, who the producer and myself it was. It was really what people don't realize that marvel movies is Dell. They're like the tiny movies at haunt that made by a giant army of people veasley. But certainly in the case of three, there was a nucleus of five of those for tuna, three years, the just made that film. And so because of that easily personal it is oddly, I think he's a very Easter teric movie for a marvel movie and you know, for good for bad this some really weird shit in there as well. But I'm I, you know, I'm really proud of the fact that we made. We made a, I think we made a classic shame black movie and we did in the mobile universe and that was. Was the intention, plus I smuggled an idea that was straight of Adam. Curtis's the power of nightmares into one point, two billion dollar tempo, and that's that's something to, you know, be a good day the office, which is specifically that would be the idea that this is a spoiler Chris interns I, the ma'am during movie who is portrayed by the Bank Kingsley. It turns out he isn't the criminal terrorist mastermind that we suspect he is, but is in fact an active from Croydon. Cool..

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