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Communications network for the show happen. Vic? Thanks daniels. Worked at the dials and victims to offer tuning in. We really do predate it don't forget the follow us on Twitter and on Facebook, the doctor Dolly show. So I I the big headline today in the news as on Jeff Bezos, and I guess his alleged lover Lawrence Sanchez now from what I understand visas. Right. He's the Amazon founder, he's a billionaire. This is just a story that just it just gets worse and worse. And so Trump has had some issues with these because he thinks Amazon is becoming a big unchecked giant. Now. Just recently discovered that visas was having an affair. So he and his wife. Apparently now in the process of getting divorce and pictures of his. Alleged lover. And then hanging out as kind of now been very pervasive in the media and social media over the last week or two. Well, now, the national enquirers involved because apparently. There's a rumor that the National Enquirer. Blackmailed visas. In terms of extortion and blackmail, as they would release nude pictures that they have of him and his girlfriend. So the National Enquirer. I mean, I've known about the Enquirer says the eighties. I don't know when actually the National Enquirer, you know, started. I was younger, but I just remember that the national choir always seems to have scoop. Sometimes it's true. Sometimes it's not. At American media is now defending Email set by national choirs chief content officer and the firm's legal team threatening to publish nude photos of Jeff Bezos and his mistress. If he did not drop an investigation into how editors learned of his billionaires affair. The American media believes fervently that it acted lawfully in the reporting of the story of Mr. visas and further at the time of the recent allegations made by Mr. Bezos, it wasn't good faith negotiations to resolve all matters with nonetheless in light of the nature of the allegations published by Mr. the board has convened and determined that it should promptly and thoroughly investigate the claims. So apparently American media board is comprised of foreign vegetables, David pecker. Evan Ratner who is an asset management chairman or partner, very Schwartz also partner of Chatham asset management, David Hughes, the former executive vice president treasurer and chief financial officer of Trump entertainment resorts. That's why this gets a little stick Chatham asset management has an eighty percent stake in American media. According to Bloomberg. Now, I don't know who owns the wider. What all that means. But it's a big. And I guess at one Email Howard comments that the Washington Post poised to publish unsubstantiated. Rumors of the national enquirers initial report I wanted to describe to you the photos obtain during our news gathering. And then he goes on to claim that the Enquirer has a lake pick sent by visas and a photo that show Sanchez's nether region. I don't care about any of this you, and I don't care about any of this. But the reason why I bring this up. Is. There's one is very absolutely no privacy. I don't know where they I. Okay. What are some of the things they have on them? Fairly it Enquirer. They have a below the belt selfie. I don't know how something like that would be obtained less of somebody, you know, can hack the cloud. I don't really know Mr. visas and miss Sanchez. They have apparently some sort of a some role playing stuff. I don't even want to go into these lot of self fees. Naked southeast things like that. And you know, okay. I it's not for us to talk about the you know, what people do privately. People think that well if somebody cheats on somebody else that has not private anymore that we have access to it. Now, if somebody cheats on somebody else in there, doing whatever I think everybody's still deserves privacy. You know? I you know, I believe everybody's still deserves some element of privacy. Just like I said with presidential candidates and stuff as long as they have good mental health. And you know, we they have a longevity a life expectancy that'll make it through a presidency. So we could make a better decision about vice president just assume, you know, I mean, you know, assume the worst, you know, what happens to the president if they get sick, you know, who's going to take over. But I think everybody does deserve an element of privacy. But when you hear of people having pictures of you and pictures coming out and pictures on the internet, or whatever I really want you guys to stop and think about how much privacy you guys actually have. Now, somebody told me again, I can't substantiate this that Mark Zuckerberg who runs Facebook. There was a picture of him and at his house or whatever. Or at work, and he has his camera covered up on his laptop Naidoo a lot of work from my laptop somewhere, laptops is covered. Sometimes not because I'll do some you know face to face interactions telemedicine. But you don't even Mark Zuckerberg offensively true doesn't trust somebody grabbing images of him. And putting them out there. And so you know, you and I keep thinking, okay. You know, everything's safe. You know, we take a if I try and take a selfie. There will be about twenty attempts until I'm Mike up. That's the one. I like now do I go back, and I raise the other bad pictures. Sometimes I forget, so then there's bad pictures there. Realize that once you take any sort of picture on your camera? Realize that's set for life. Maybe even you know, maybe you could erase it. But that's still could be in somebody's memory. Some phone or computers memory same thing with video. I'm not a big tech person. But many times you'll start getting the camera ready to video and you're like, well, I'm good because I didn't you know, touch what the little micrometer amount of pressure on the screen to record. We'll yeah. That doesn't initiate the record function. But how do you know, it's not recording the whole time. And your button. Pushing. So very light where you almost barely even notice it that just reconfirms which part of the video it decides to save some of your like, oh, you're just paranoid. Am. I didn't we find out that Amazon and Google homes. Listen to you all the time. But they don't save those recordings. You know, some of you guys use the phone as Amir. You know, I was talking to a patient. And you know, he said he thought he had Android or whatever and go what can you take a look use Amir? He is this phone. So he put his phone down there. And he was able to see that. He took a picture. He looked at it. And then he, you know, raise the gone. I'm good. All right. Well, okay. You examined yourself, but you examine yourself with a phone that could have recorded that. So I don't really know or care too much. What's going on with all these those thing? And you know, it's it's sad that, you know, people cheat, and, you know, have relationships outside marriage in the marriage falls through. And you know, I it sounds like he's having a lot of fun with this new girl. That's what's going on. And you know, I get people want to have fun and excitement in their life that you know, it's costly though. But. Anybody that's ever been, you know, I guess attacked, and we'll we have this. We have pictures, it's not always private investigators. But hey, people have access to things that you don't even realize. And you got to be a little smarter about it. Now, I think a lot of us are starting to become a little numb and immune because we would freak out knowing that there are cameras on us all the time. There's cameras there satellites there's all.

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