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In this this point is perhaps one of the points that would be a controversial for some audience members it reminds me of the arguments people used to make about autonomous vehicles which you candidly are going to be the rule rather than the exception within our lifetimes in many parts of the world are in in that argument that uh some critics would make is a they would say well this is removing my own atonomy rem i own personal freedom and i really appreciate how you you know i took steps to emphasize that this would be not a soul is a putting a person into a slot or a box forgiven amount of time but it would it would engage with their preferences to so i guess for our members of the audience who would say you know well the the i am making my own human decisions i'm not going to lead a piece of software tell me what to do a how would you respond to uh to those members of the audience well the flippant responses don't go to mars up farner without way you it it anything no matter what we create there's going to be people who don't like it and they're going to complain at whatever volume the they choose to complain at the nice thing about mars uh you know if we went back 10minute someone mentioned this is that there is a very strong filter possible on who gets to go to be in the martian colony and you're selection process training vetting whatever you want to call it and everyone gets housing and food and clothing and healthcare than off you go and if you're not down with at like if you think that half the people on mars shouldn't good health care chances are we don't want you on mars like why would we want to create a society where half the people don't get healthcare that's that's insanity really but there are a lot of people who believe that so.

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