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The letter with us number of public universities have sharply decreased their in state students in recent years there's a reason it's happening USA today has an exclusive look at important data reporter Tegan Simonton taken one of the take aways I think the main take away we're drifting but rather a national trend we're seeing public universities all over the country but each college kind of has its own reasoning for doing so university of Alabama they're a big reason for doing this is that there just aren't enough college bound seniors in the state of Alabama to recruit solely in the state but that could look a little bit different in California where the UC system is just incredibly competitive and selective and tracked a lot of out of state and international students so that the national trend but there's a million different reasons for why a college would go this route in my somewhat new experience doing this for my son in terms of searching for schools I also thought that schools like out of state students because they often paid higher tuition but that's not necessarily always the case either yeah correct that's sort of why we started doing this story is because we wanted to see our colleges just trying to bring more out of state K. done out of state tuition to get more money but wow that is a factor that does that it does a business decision there is also a lot of other reasons colleges like to have a lot of out of state students to boost their geographic diversity I like having kids from all over the place and then it does students like a more well rounded experience they're acting with people from all over the country in some places like the university of Maine I'll try to match the in state tuition of an out of state student in order to entice them to come to me so in that case they're not even getting a lot of profit from that situation I thought it was interesting to that you pointed out obviously girl in our conversation in the story the university California system I guess the way they do things we can sometimes wind up adding additional kids to the California State University system yeah that's definitely a case it wasn't just in California we see that like most will have this like flagship university of spare me for a loop but they're not the only public university in the state for example like in Pennsylvania you have pen state but you also have on university of Pennsylvania millers they'll be the others that are getting state funding and a lot of the time when in Rome at the flagship university go down actually go up at B. kind of second tier universities and presumably that's because students if they don't get into their flagship university they still want to pay in state tuition so they're still going to find a way to stay inside the state things taken taken Simonton reporter at USA today thirty minutes now after the hour on this morning America's first news.

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