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An explosion which killed the crusading journalist fifty-three-year-old carbon echinacea was famous for leading papers investigation into corruption. In malta. She also ran a hugely popular blog in which he relentlessly focused on cases of alleged high level. Corruption targeting politicians across party lines her assassination may have silenced her but the questions she was asking. They haven't gone away. Some of her allegations were based on revelations in the so-called panama papers leak in two thousand nine hundred over eleven million dollars on october sixteenth. Two thousand seventeen daphne. Karuna galicia was driving near her home in her peugeot eight when a car bomb exploded killing her instantly. The explosion was so powerful that the car splintered into pieces which were blown far away from the blast site. The remains of the investigative journalist were discovered nearly eighty meters away. Killers had been stalking her staying up until two. Am watching her through a long lens telescope. Smoking rothmans red cigarettes and throwing the finished cigarette butts into water bottles so they wouldn't leave a trace. They'd been paid thirty thousand euros upfront. Initially considered killing her with a sniper rifle but they decided a bomb would be better on the night of october fifteenth. Glitzy made a fateful decision to park her car outside rather than inside her garage it gave her assassins an opening they wired up a bomb with a sim card so all they had to do was text a certain phone number and it would detonate. She lost her life exposing corruption. Who killed this anti-corruption crusader and why the answers lie with a crooked law firm in a tiny central american country a world changing leak of documents about shell companies and two journalists who were day and night to expose the secret financial lives.

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