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Sometimes these days along than Yoga class just isn't in the cards but maybe a cookie is pepperidge. Farm Milano believes you should make some time for yourself once in a while my idea of me. Time is a little bit different since I had the second baby instead of a yoga class. I'm maybe do a yoga pose just one downward dog at a time you know what I do have time for. I can eat a cookie a whole cookie eighty and eating that cookie feels like the best little piece of me time. There is these days Milano. Cookies are the perfect treat to save her. During me time they have just the right amount of cookie and luxuriously rich chocolate. They're the type treat that you don't WanNa share not even with your kids or your husband so remember to save something for yourself with Pepperidge Farm Milano. I'm Shane Bake and joined by my good friend. Max Homa and we were launching get grip with maximum Shane. Vacant a podcast. That will give you a true look. At what professional golf is all about from one of the most honest voices between the ropes. That is true. See Honesty the journey will take you from Hawaii to Pebble Augusta's Asia and everywhere that allows Max at teatime and a free players buffet. Free Food remains undefeated get a grip with Maxim and Shane Bacon premieres February third. You can listen. Listen and follow on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Committed a production of iheartradio Hey committed listeners joe here I want to let you know about a new travel. PODCAST called a way to go from IHEART and fathom now fathom has been one of my favorite travel websites for a really long time. In fact. It's the only travel website that consistently go to on a regular basis for tips and tricks and inspiration for how real people really travel. Uh Poverty and Jerry. Lynn Gracious enough to have me on one of their early episodes. Talk about my own travels and I shared with them. The story of how nick and I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on our our honeymoon to try to test the strength of our brand new marriage. We've got a little bit of that conversation for you today and I hope you enjoy.

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