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Tax however he says he was fired because of retaliation that he went to PGA A. P. Jeannie and he told them about concerns he had about electrical equipment that he felt made the utilities power lines more vulnerable to starting dangerous fires with this is this is incredibly timely because this guy he's in the middle of a lawsuit right now this wrongful termination lawsuit he has asked the judge to allow him to file a seven point six million dollars civil lawsuit against the utility for all of this he said he was placed on leave and that he was terminated by P. Jeannie after he complained about a up a piece of a piece of equipment called a re closer and this is something that will automatically restart a power line after it turns off any was saying that the the device allows PGD to avoid sending people out to do this if they would do it automatically but that's pretty common they said these temporary faults which are common re closers can also be risky because they actually shoot bursts of electricity they could start a fire if a broken line is in contact with the tree or a butcher of some sort of Dr education not taught her networks for twenty years at the company he says he and his colleagues complained to management about the re closers repeatedly since the company began installing them in twenty seventeen remember this is just months before P. genies power lines sparked a series of fires up there in napa that's that's the area where he worked so he says the utility was on safely installing these re closers in higher risk fire areas but that the company didn't take the warnings seriously so that needless to say P. genies up to its neck in other legal problems right now so they asked the judge to deny the motion saying that he should just let is ongoing union reprint the grievance he filed after termination sort of run its course they're busy of course with the bankruptcy in the billions of dollars that they settled for a joystick just last week as a matter of fact but here's the thing if in fact this is a problem and if they had somebody in their own company telling them that this was going to be a problem and the timing of this works out as well because like you said it was months before the fire in the wine country that roared through and killed a bunch of people and damaged billions of dollars worth of property this is the guy they want to be quiet this is the guy they want to shot a how much of a whistle blower did he need to be I am of the belief that PGA any new its lines were unsafe but just didn't want to pay the money to update their equipment they were just kind of rolling the dice with the the lives of so many people that live around those faulty power lines you know I don't think this guy was this genius I had this aha moment is like the re closers or whatever the hell the call right you know what I mean I think that as a company it's filled with engineers that the writing is on the wall they they they didn't update their equipment for decades and they knew that they they should but they just did it because they want to pay the money up front the the I think the problem that you're going to see is that these re closers this specific type of equipment was implicated in not just that fire in wine country the the nuns fire complex but also the which fire the huge one down in San Diego twelve years ago the a huge fire in Australia from ten years ago that was also killed a hundred and twenty people I think so these types of you know this pattern is going to be a problem because P. Jeannie can for people against P. Jeannie including this top Hearns guy can say this was a problem before we knew it was a problem going into this and we still use that as the equipment and didn't do anything to change it they have since figured out a way to disable the re closers when there is a high fire risk we talk about the public safety power shut offs going into this but what they said is the P. genies doing a limited trial of turning off the re closer's disabling them during those high wind high risk wind times they're saying hopefully that that is one of the reasons why they've been able to prevent massive wildfires this year this season I guess all right street lamp inequity is what is the latest concernant LA city hall not typhus not typhoons not homeless not the plague not traffic not traffic not the five through Norwalk no no it's a it's all about street lamps who's got who doesn't and so this is this is right up there was shade isn't it yeah that that's exactly what I thought of we now have lighting privilege in this city and you might not even know it but you're a you are a recipient of light privilege not just white privilege but white privilege as well Gary channel were alive today in our news a bruise we are in Downey this is Jay's restaurant and brewhouse a five page article in the LA times about three planned out making you feel bad about your street lamps you can your eyes on the radio nobody can see you do that Joe Kwan has the latest a school bus in a van impression lake Elsinore hurting at least eight people cal fire riverside says eight people were taken to the hospital this morning including two with serious injuries military specialists in New Zealand every coverage six more bodies after deadly volcanic eruption.

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