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Walk into a room and if he works at it and we know his work ethic is slow cd know off the charts like most law off the charge but then again most coaches are that way but i think that he would have a you would have a chance but you're right there's no guarantees how well at work out and i think what he probably has the way in his mind on some of this is already getting paid a fortune yet tennessee maybe it will for ten million dollars adam he's not that far off ten million dollars now when you talk about what monday that he's getting from on high football and the endorsements he has connected to it so does he look at it and go and i know he knows which joan pretty well they spent a lot of time together the previous couple years so he knows both the positives and negatives that come with that job in knoxville does he sit back and go you know a blow on or deal with all the rules in the twenty our role and then the recruiting issues to sue whenever i go to the combine that run into a former college assistant coach who now is in the nfl invariably it comes up you know what the best thing about my job is come in july or june when i'm sitting by the pool i don't have to keep looking at my phone to find out oh some kid decided to take an official visit he's an intel on or do i have to worry about like my my best linebacker a best wide receiver guttural bar fight last night you know those issues are not things that coach's like dealing with and i think that especially if you're in the nfl and i think that's something that may the potentially may be like john group safe i want to get back in a coach lou i want to get back in college coaching and i'm not sure about that she we talk about some games that took place in the field this past weekend all right so soon now you you talked about the gains alluded to it what a wild night it was from man of first of all just thinking back at one point it looked like.

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