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Week and an hour per day for Children and teens. People over 65 should focus on balance, coordination and muscle strength to help prevent falls. I'm Ben Thomas. The Boston Police Department out with some guidelines today to keep your packages and delivery safe throughout the year In order to make sure those goods goods end up in the right place. They say people should make arrangements with housemates or relatives to pick it up. If you won't be home when it gets there, they also say people shouldn't assume apartment hallways or lobbies are secure locations, especially if they aren't locked. Usually And they recommend leaning on secure delivery methods from the post office or private delivery companies, like requiring that a package be signed for delivery. Officials in Florida say they found the body of a New Bedford teenager who was missing for over a month. 18 year old JAL Asia Think Lee when missing on October, 20th in eight suspected kidnapping, frankly, a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe and reportedly five months pregnant when she disappeared. Think Lee was last seen in New Bedford getting into the rented car of 37 year old Luis Argos, a of Florida. Police in Florida kill Zaragoza the suspected kidnapper during an attempted arrest earlier this month, and the body was found yesterday in a field off a highway in Fells Mere Florida. Right now, it's time for Bloomberg business this year amid the pandemic department stores face even more pressure to get Americans into the holiday spirit. Bob Fibs, CEO of the retail doctor, see similarities with the past very much like the fifties, the closest one, I would say if people were shocked. Thing out of the war and worse, instead to find a way with parades and with windows and other ways to get people to forget that and to come in and to shop department stores were adapting to a host of curtailed traditions, Macy says Expanded curbside pick up another e commerce offerings at sister chain Bloomingdale's customer service will remain a hallmark of the brand, but much of it is moving online. Gone are the chocolate samples and the beauty makeovers. Fibs says retailers. First obligation is to their employees and then to their customers. This year are looking for an escape. Even if things have to be different. I think you still have to understand People shop who are hopeful and people who are afraid will not be in a store. I'm Gina Serve 80 Bloomberg business on WBZ, Boston's news radio. Hey, Alexa play WBZ NewsRadio. No, I'm just telling Alexis to play WBC news radio on my heart radio love you, too, honey. Investors want high cash flow with appreciation. The Federal Reserve is boosting real estate markets with.

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