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Being criminalised and charged there was an effort to get a measure on the 2020 ballot to decriminalize mushrooms. But that campaign failed. Instead of moving forward. Several California counties could be heading back into the most restrictive Corona virus tear. We'll have more at the bottom of the hours for 25 traffic. Bronski by grocery outlets. Denise Fondo, We've got a truck crash on your five. Drive in Boyle Heights, and also an injury wreck on the 10 City terrorist. Scott has both from the Southern California Toyota dealers. Sky five. No, that's out of the five right at the 10. That's where we have a crash with a box truck at the big rig. Looks like they cleared some of this, but I still have a bright lander to block here. So that heavy through the East L A interchange what you could do if you're coming up to the city of commerce is Used. The North's have attended the West 10 back to the north. Five. That'll definitely save the subtype problem. 10 eastbound right at the cenotaph. More or less on the transition to the South. Set a tent. That is, uh, for the most part out of your way, And you could make that connection. Just five. There is quite a bit of flowing out of city terrorist on that 10 eastbound. Is he working way through? Ah, Monterey Park. Of some issues for the 605 Senate Springs to jab. That's our south outside right for telegraph carpal Left lane, taking away still have this crash in those two left lanes, one facing the wrong way. We had a Stalin Peck Road before that. That's been clear, but it's tough. Now. South bound from the 10 down the telegraphing your north bound side, not much better. Just playing slow, fromthe 105 as you make your way up through the 60, Denise Just coming in for this supposed to pass on the four or five north at Skirball. We've got a stalled car reported, which is in the carpool lane and that one of five eastbound crash right at the Long Beach Boulevard on ramp is now coming in as an injury wreck. It's our favorite time of the year again. Now through November, 10th stop by your local grocery, al it for their 20% off wine cell. That's every single bottle of wine in their inventory is 20% off. That's right. Every single bottle next report for 35 with more traffic reports more often I get. He's followed her with the SD CCU 24 hour Traffic Center K Next 10, 70 NewsRadio, Similar attempts, maybe degree or two different into tomorrow. A human trafficking case in Anaheim turns into Muchmore with officers shooting a man I'll have more in three minutes. It's for 27. Order. Continue. Ms Garner with the capital one venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on every purchase every day. Objection. My credit.

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