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He said i love him though but his life is a lot easier by the way whenever is on the other side. I mean everybody's life is a lot easier with him in there and that's his teammates. Feel i do think ramsey might be the highest paid now but and howard in that little article said in good faith. You talked about that yesterday. Do you think the dolphins may be set in the contract. Hey depending on how you play. In good faith will reward you and now obviously. They're not doing that if you can prove that. Somebody's not in good faith. It's considered breach-of-contract but proving that is a boss they naked delay those and they can be like it is damn near that. That's one of the funniest things that was added to contracts. I bet in my eyes because it's like a human aspect being added into a contract like you're adding in that a human is going to act like a human right like in good faith. We'll talk a couple of years sea for fucking overnight you know and then you gotta just you gotta hope that either. The person still there or that person is not just complete bag. Actually because what is in good faith. There's different levels of a good in good faith. Sugar sean said that people say conor mcgregor crossed the line while the line is only in the eyes of the judger right so what is in good faith to who know what is considered in good faith in. Who's it's those contracts are real. I talked about him a lot. I think here because it's a real thing the business side of the nfl real. And also i have to stare at a lot of them at this point. It is a racket contracts in of themselves are a racket. I think it's interesting too because you don't really about it as a fan but you look at a guy like patrick peterson. Who is exactly what you're saying like i mean. Obviously he's still stud- but like he was the guy for six years and then now he's playing on a one year deal in minnesota like. I wonder if these guys see that. And it's like okay. Like i really do have. This is my window. I cannot not capitalize. While i'm at my physical prime to row rivas was able to do it. The best business wise because he was able to cash in one year or two year fully guaranteed deals and move on and he continued to ball right like he continued to ball. I think he got like four. Those contracts in new england you got one year fourteen million two thousand fourteen. And then you've got another massive contract right after the twenty miller. Whatever somewhere digest i i. It's like that is now being grow. Rivas is good business. Yeah so if you could be the reverse of. That's what you wanna do it if you could do that. But him. He kind of laid the blueprint. I think for what a lot of guys in a lot of positions are going to start doing now if you saw a lot of one year deals this year now was that because the salary cap took a bit of a shot because of the covert thing maybe but is it also because guys are like. Hey i want to be able to move. I want to be able to go places because there's a lot of money off the field. Now there's always been a lot of money off the field for some people in some positions with the gatekeepers of the marketing companies deciding who gets it and who doesn't now. There is a lot of money to be made in other professions in earth or on earth. That are very much in the realm of what basically all these guys in the nfl that could potentially make all the money can do no problem so i think that temptation of potentially having off the field you know business being built while you're in the league is gonna start becoming something that a lot of people start thinking about because there's a lot of money to be made doing that if you're on a bad team that doesn't get a lot of primetime time games. I think a lot of guys are gonna want a little bit more nim -bility with their contracts and everything like that saw deals on a two year deals now. Granny also have the ten year five hundred million dollar deal right but i think you're gonna see a lot of shorter deals for guys. I think we're gonna start seeing a lot more short deals. I hope at least for us gives us something to talk about. And also that gives a lot of potential guys link-up or potentially Saint working somewhere else. I mean there's a lot of shit to talk about for us as selfish as selfish Sports shows on for quarterback. Those contracts are a little different. It's because you need that guy and if you've got one then you hang onto them for as long as you can camp but are there force matures in the nfl. Contrast dude i i with cova covert is. It has to be implemented force. I think and everything. Which is it's like if something happens. Covert voi- then something. Nobody has to pay anybody basically. It's a very interesting thing. What saves a lot of people's asses but there's going to be like seven eight. I don't know with the world's going right now. I should never dance on the graves of too much. But let's say in seven eight years from now people kind of forgot about like maybe the world..

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