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Shasha Zaveri very committed liar. She really is Monica's like, I'm pretty sure like like, she's like, I do own my partner, but you have to own your part like, I'm pretty sure it was fifty fifty. Josh is like, no, I actually don't watch that program. I actually really disliked baba Walter than you down though. Vara not fifty. Fifty fifty owned on that baby baby. So Monique. So here's the thing. So many thought that went cherise said kindle should come to the hurricane. Harvey thing that cherise proposing that was evidence of the fact that Shasha haven't really gotten over the fact that Zell has sort rumors about Shahshad being the fireman which when I was like, oh my God, I, I'm having such a hard time trying to keep us all true. I mean, that's totally true. Theresa's still manages l. over she. So Cerise goes, oh that with the ground for and then when he jumps in and says, no, that's not the grounds. That's the foundation. See it's sort of in the ground clarification and Shasha. That's what you thought I wanted, but we never had that conversation. I was absolutely not bitter at all. Why would I be bitter just because she's still on the show of the main cath member and I'm not, why would I be bitter? And when he says, well, look, I was going to go in this with her because I'm her girl. So I'll do that with her, but she's just going to pretend that she had nothing to do with it. Now, whatever, you know, Monique does not care. I don't know if she found like a French version of zanex this season or what's happening, but she is like totally calm. And will five martinis five martinis before ever seen? Well, I guess, well, I guess when you need the medication, it affects you differently. You know, maybe she just needs it and so keeps her calm. And I don't because that's not five MARTINI Ronnie. Like you the essential oils not releasing moms essential Martinez. So Candace is now talking to Karen. So meanwhile, Karen Candice are like up on this this one space and Karen's like, well, I think it's interesting that you insurance has perception of me. You know, as Princess and thing is there's a lot more to me and I just feel like I want to express that. So then Karen's like, all right, dear, let's bring. Let's bring actually Robin into this sort of like becomes like, like like an elementary school teacher. You know, it's just like gonna make the group like bring the girls together. Ask me, we had teed this morning. I think there's something you need to hear. Go, go ahead, go at Gabby and ashes like, oh, we hold on a second. The lights really good. So we need to take photos. So she starts thinking photo of Robin's waiting. And then then she was like, okay, now rob and you take me. No, no, no, no, no. She can wait way Curie scurvy get yourself is out of here. I'm disappointed in you. I'm disappointed. Shame. The both of you learn about whether certified they make her weight like she some sub life for. Almost like she's not a Queen, but make just like one level below Queen, what that level called again. Oh Princess, they totally do treat her like crap, Candice, but Candice. Then she doesn't get a chance that she sent dome about what she wants to fight about that. I'm really with the other ones which is. AM on Robin inches l. side ever. Well, I think that's what Karen and we're trying to tell her which is like you had to like, make yourself respected, and so it's just like, you know, you guys have this perception of me and of course Zell walks and she was like, did I hear Princess Princess? What happens? Oh, don't go me Princess, you know, she's like think that you'll only one side of me and I want you to see another side and now you're taking pictures and just to sell just giving her the stadiums look ever. Yeah. Like like, look at all my story lines and getting married. I'm having issues with my mom about, you know how much is going to pay for the winning, and then Chris to smoke is one other child every his bump to and just drinking and smiling casinos that no one's gonna fall for this. Exactly..

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