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God. dammit. I told him I when I first got hired dad knew parcel was. But when I first got hired I told my mom league never not never look at it whatsoever and she's she's she's actually big podcast but she's never let my mom and my sister are the only women in my life who have honored the idea of just not listening. Everyone else they say they're not going to or they don't. They don't have a problem with it and inevitably they do and they do. but hey, pays the bills. The bills that's nice. That's about it though I got. Going to pay the bills right? I got I. I have a lot of business ideas sometimes where I'm like, I shouldn't say and I do it anyway this one I really shouldn't say. Speaking of paying the bills we gotta do so right now owens mixers I'm making a solid solemn promise to you. I'm going to get into the owns mixer scheme. We are going to get the owns mixers game I, promise you that, and it's after watching the foreplay guys just crush it with transfusions. We're going to do it as well. I don't know it yet. I haven't talked to them, but we're GONNA Owens. And we're going to do it in a major way. The transfusion is the crisp refreshing flavour, Combo of grape juice and ginger ale. He mix that up with some navy a little new Amsterdam Baca and you have yourself a perfect summertime drink golf course shrink pool drink. Beach drink or whatever. I. Mean you can be by the fire in the middle of January drinking transfusions we fuck for sure. Solicit beverage. I don't buy. A Seasonal drinks. I don't buy any like I I was getting a drink the other day Saturday I think and. I asked the bartender waiter. Her. I said, what do you recommend the Margarita or the old fashion and he said, well, it's Margaritas I. I asked about five it I'll take the old fashioned. Yeah I mean. I've been doing that for a long time a red wine during the summer first meal when when I kids are first born I was having fucking hot dogs at nine am. So I was up for hours on end and I just don't think. I'm going back. I just think I've. Just, GonNa live exactly how I want to it all times except hot beverages I can't do like a hot toddy in October I'm sorry in August. But if you want to you should. But Yeah Yeah, you know what? I mean fuck it. You Undo iced coffee in the winter you WANNA. Do Drinks and whatever. but the beautiful thing about Owens is the comes pre ready to rock and the little cans or bottles, and they've got all your classic cocktails. All you gotTa do is mix in whatever liquor you want and you to go..

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