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Business. John Wiedeman Troy Murray here in Pittsburgh. Just tuning in from the bears game. Congratulations to the bears. Tremendous season. He'll get him next year. The Blackhawks are down quickly to nothing in this one four and a half into it. They were down a couple in the neutral zone is the four seasons heating, air conditioning and plumbing faceoff for right reasons. Four seasons your relations to the bears and by the way, congratulations to Pat FitzGerald in the northwestern. Wildcats for winning the holiday bowl in San Diego. And Pat FitzGerald immediately. Told everybody. Hey, I'm staying right here. This is a job. I want him staying at northwestern. And that's good because he's a heck of a coach. And he runs a great program. Congrats to the task inside the hawk zone. Connor Murphy lays down on his belly to block a pass from gets over the fence. Get it back. Here's look tank with a dry from the high slot board is down square to the shot in a butterfly save Dylan's stone the puck hawk line put it over to Carlstrom pass ahead to the penguin line for him off over stick and down. Humulin will move it around the right side tank to Sidney Crosby now over the center, ice circle. He'll take the puck and Trump it back into the penguins zone in the circle to the Smiths right to Chris tank Vic Passover to you so Rico LA moves it on the right wing to center. I told the hawk blue line he stopped trying to feed it in front. Thanks to the right point recall. They're put it across the model left point fired for the net turned wide by ward. And then Kessler got the puck in behind feed defeated up the slot. Nobody was there. This'll slide all. The way down behind the penguin net. Only modest got the puck passing to center ice the Tanner Pearson quired from the LA kings earlier this season. Here's been spins it down in behind the hawk net. Workplace the puck back around the left wing board. David damp, and he had a stick knock out of his hands report. Look like a slash from Pearson. Looking for a penalty non giving ethic that was hit by Pearson just snap? Here's leaning with the puck into the penguins on the left wing side. Tried to put the puck down to the corner. Pederson broke that up her leaning got back at the left point set the puck down to the corner. Patterson took it there passing across the rink. Jack Johnson left wing center ice is part of the the puck down in behind the hawk net up the inboard great Pachulia waves it off the right glass out kept in at the point Malkin Malkin down the left wing side. But a pass to the plot. And then gave it back to Malkin angling for the net. Maltin one handed it toward the net. Hip aside of Chris Kunitz, the former penguin with the puck hawk line and put off their to Brandon Davidson to Jonathan caves hawks nearly hit too many men on the ice caves filters the puck off the right boards and down in behind the penguin net. Ryan. Doom owners air Bedford main racing to center ice dump it into the right corner hawk zone. Dalstrom battling there with the penguins. Zack Aston wreath rarely hand escape. Put the puck. Barry behind the hawk net. Over the left corner technical point Dume on hammers a shot and that deflects up into the protective netting and out of play nine left in the first here in Pittsburgh to nothing penguins tomorrow when the Blackhawks take on the Calgary Flames at seven thirty the first ten thousand fans to enter the United Center will receive a Blackhawks winter scarf, presented by CIBC seats. Available at chicagoblackhawks dot com. Blackhawks not very efficient in their own end of the ice to get out. There was one of the major keys to this game. His team has been on such a role. They vote scored their opposition. Now in this eight game winning streak that they had thirty four to nine. You just can't make mistakes in your own end of the ice and expect to win it on Murphy outmuscling Riley shea hand behind the hawk net. And then Murphy Joe loose puck hit by Jay Han. Murphy put it around the left side to tape. Can't clear this own Aston refound the right wing side. Meanwhile, ankle center the puck knocked out of there by dalstrom the dominant Cahoon along the right fork the dalstrom hawk blue line hands it back to Cahoon through center ice over the penguin line left wing gave it to Saad. Naval appointing tried to Cobra get past Jay Han, jae-han reaching. And with a poke check out the puck into the hawk blue line Duncan Keith took it away years Keith with the puck hawk line again left wing side. He'll take it and curl back down in between the circles in the hawk zone. Hold it. There. For a moment. Then pass on the left wing became perhaps it back to keep the pain of the right-wing through center ice penguin line down the right side leaves the puck in the high slot. Taken away by Crosby head down the left wing side into the hawk zone. The corner too rough to the left point Dume Lynn, hammers a shot. Bucket. Winds around to the right point with Tang. Now the Crosby right half boards, but a pass for rust you tried to slap one poor the net and went y the other way comes Strom to center ice the cane over the penguin line right point, but it across and strong players from near the bottom of the right circle wide of a near empty net. He had to Smith leaning on the near post and just missed that with that job pass by Patrick gain to everybody the nearside and put a rate through the crease to the far side, and that was a wide open net. He just missed by Strom came back through center ice dropped past the Seabrook over the penguin line. He missed shoddy trying to one time kessel meanwhile picks up the puck back percenter rifle the hawk line. Pass picked up by camp camp. Look like he was nearly tripped at the hawk wind debrincat got to the puck Berlin. He left circle Rishaad and a Pat save made by the Smith down the butterfly position kessel, then at the Tanga line passing on the right wing resort over the hawk line. But top of the circle dropped path now to Pearson. There's been moving to the corner could play by Davidson up Pearson Pearson fell down debrincat took the puck pump. It off the glass down to the penguin. Blue line the pen get it back kessel steps into the hawk zone near the right point. Here's custody along snapshot from the top of the right circle missed the net. Seabrook along the far boards hawk zone to put it out of his own. It deflects back down between the circles. The Brandon Davidson Davidson L along near airborne chased by Simone reported across the Seabrook. Seabrook passing it up to the penguin line that hit modern escape penguins. Get it back recall passing and they hit for one. Chris hotline coughed up the Connor Murphy there. The Marcus prerogative penguin blue line in the right wing, and he'll back is down in. Behind the net. Riccolo hit there by Kunitz. Worked the puck around up the right side D'amoto shovels into the hawk line. Dolphin took it away to pitcher center ice on the left wing to Chris. Kunitz pens wine on the west side shot it across the rink picked off by Simone declare the hawk line dalstrom with it over the center ice circle lost it there to ask took it back. Front of the benches drops the puck back in the hawk zone. Eric Gusta Justice in passing ahead for Saad at the penguin line. He was bumped off the puck by shea thing. Let's get it back then Lieutenant gives it back at center ice to take over the penguin line, right wing cocoon, right circle. Passing the choir. Right. The smith. He went down in the butterfly position. And then Cahoon got it back in the web corner. Tried to center the puck missile flew out to center ice. Got it back. Short penguin blue line. Dumps the bucket of the right wing corner. Pittsburgh zone. Johnson. He to the line kept in by Keith pay. Higher. Is dead on. Now at center ice gave the puck away Keith hawk line. Quick pass ahead. The at the penguin line to turn away, but oversaw that's pacifistic getaway. Brian lost a center ice. Patrick. Kane gave up knocked him off the puck. Here's Kane with it near the left point. Spins it down the boards to Strom along the left four Davidson left corner to Artem Anisimov, right corner. Rolls up divorce, but it back to the corner. Crosby waiting for the past passing ahead, Marcus Paterson to Brian rust at center ice get full of hawk line of a left wing. He lost it down the boards different. Seabrook who was hit from behind against the boards by rust pot. Pops out into the far circle penguins. Get it veers motto with it along the right boards. Mata the corner put behind the hawk net against how went to recall off. Fires are shocked at the flex into the right wing corner. Crosby go to get the puck hit by Davidson right cornerback fends off the check out at the regular high slot firing a long wrist shot that deflects y. Brian Ross pass the puck gal along the left wing boards next to the thirty down behind the net. Crosby quick pass to the left circle against a quick. Snapshot was turned wide by war. Patrick kane. We'll take control the puck along the left wing side hawk zone. Then carried a center ice. To the penguins. Blue line. Dumps it down to the left corner. And the Penzone ends up behind the net. You'll in moves it up the left wing to Pearson across now that castle at center ice on the right wing hula Tang hawk line, spin it down in behind the hawk net. Connor Murphy battling back there again with Riley Sheahan Kayhan came out with the puck against the right wing board. David camp right on top of him, Tanner Pearson. Now at the right point fires dot net blocked by camp. Buck ends up on the right corner. And they can thereby Shahabuddin valley with dalstrom. Put it out for the right point tried to slap it down with the stick. With the backhand, part ends up on the left. Fork Paerson the castle porno tried to center batted away by Murphy. Take taken away. Johnson ahead the per lenient center ice tried to flip a pass through picked up by the Pence pestle in with the hawk zone. Right. Succo wide looked like war got a piece of it with the path. In the far corner. Eric in there. The puck up the boards. And it's cleared ahead by Kunitz to center ice penalty coming up here to the penguins are hooking call. We'll be made the hawks are gonna get there. I sit cope feel good power play. When we return pretty fifty eight left in the first here in Pittsburgh Penguins. Lead it to nothing..

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