Dopamine, Partner, Nucleus Accumbens discussed on TED Radio Hour


Like you said you've got to use it agency before you fall in love you know if you begin to fall for somebody who knows lying to you the way out is through the door we've evolved a huge cerebral cortex we can overcome our drives and me people have a drive to eat sugar we can say no thank you but you've got to realize who you are understand your assets and your defect and contacted to flee think of a worker we can do this our brain chemistry make it harder to fall out of love than to fall in love it's extremely difficult to do you know we I and my colleagues have put fifteen people who just been rejected and love into a brain scanner and we ended up finding that those people who are still madly in love with somebody who just dump them they still showed activity in this ventral tegmental area a little factory near the base of the brain that pumps out the dopamine gives you that elation we still found activity in the brain region link was feelings of deep attachment to the partner I you don't stop loving somebody just because they dumped you we found activity in three brain regions click with addiction particularly the primary brain region it's called the nucleus accumbens that is associate with all of the protections so you still crave the person and we even found activity in the brain region like with physical pain not only the the distress that goes along with pain physical pain so you.

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