Steve, Wind Turbines, Barack Obama discussed on Big Biz Radio Show


In a hen house than the wolves in sheep's pasture and we've got a climate denier so cold climates zaire's in the white house so it really is two hundred navy gril change from the obama years it sounds like we need to banjul musical steve tell us about your book degrom multiple outside the green box rethinking sustainable developments to talk about the rights so i talk about so largely about two misconceptions about energy there's three big ones that are a three big misconceptions that are taught in our schools and colleges they form the basis of most of our state and federal laws first the idea that by using energy were increasingly polluting the planet but if you look at translating you see it's not the case see the countries use the most energy have the lowest levels of air and water pollution second that we're destroying climate and store talk about the other big misconception destroying climate well you know we live in a world of superstition and examples in april one note thousands of people marched through people's climate march lows people think of the changeling bozic of say polar bears if we join electric cars we could stop the oceans are rising as we build wind turbines we can make the storms list severe is that is any of that trip well humans do contribute but the the evidence shows that natural factors dominate earth's temperatures every day nature puts twenty five times as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as all of earth's industries so if we completely eliminate emissions were growing i could be able measure the difference i always have one volcano in were pretty much even aren't we like one big spewing picks or was that a little bit but mostly it's the oceans dennis the biosphere termites put lows of carbon dioxide methane in the atmosphere that's life true who who dog or the termites sale i've i've i've i've heard that as well used awkward that back in the.

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