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A career opium of eight ninety two and and you know, he just happy that he had a moment that people could get some. We didn't get a chance to comment on because it came in the middle of the week between Monday when we do the podcast on Friday when dealing with, but looks like Clayton Kershaw does know how to pitch in the postseason. So something to put in your back pocket is the dodgers keep going, you know, nice chain, the brewers have. They are so hot. Nobody can remember the last time they lost a game Lebanon. It Christian yelich is having an unbelievable run Ryan. Braun, remember him is hitting three eighty five against the Rockies and you know, Bob guy, the Red Sox didn't want Travis Shaw is that was a that goes down one of the worst deal. So I was shocked with Mark my words on this, Mike, we've seen it before the best thing that can happen to the Milwaukee Brewers. At this point is that the dodgers win fast. You do not want to sit around to the timers here in town. I said that can't be any hotter than this. And then a day goes by without baseball day goes by without baseball. Another day goes by with them baseball. This is not football where you cherish your days off and you lick your wounds and you say, boy, I'm getting healthier with every day that we're all there is Mojo in there was karma and you want to keep it going. And depending on if that LA series goes the distance, that's at least I'm, I'm, it's got to be at least four days off. And four days off when you are on an eleven game, winning streak is not a good thing. So best thing for them as is Dodger's Winton and nothing, and they schedule game one for them. We have to have a sports reporter salute to the Croats might stone. I just going to bring it up what a great story. The man for people don't know Eric, I he gave it was under my radar his entire career. I'm sorry, this is his eighth team has been with two of them twice. He didn't hit the big till he was thirty. He's thirty eight years old. Oldest man has started game a behind the plate in history of of the playoffs. And this is his and he is cherishing. This moment he is a one seems like a pleasant fellow and and how you got a love it or recruit street before yesterday's getting this is this is why we love. You know, one of the many, many reasons. The three of us love sports because he stories pop up out of nowhere. And and this is one of the best ones of recent times three for four went three for four in the Clinton game, and there's one other guy we gotta talk about on this team. Mitch is is Josh hater? Oh my goodness. Oh, oh my goodness. What a trip he is every single time he comes out of the bullpen. All right. Before we get to college football, Michael, you've got something and say, well, I, you know, I it is. It is. It is well known in. If you listen to me or follow me. I, I'm a big proponent of Gillette razor blades, I, it's the only razor blade I have ever shave with my my dad. Gave me my first Gillette razor. He ninety four year old pops still shaves with one. I, you know, I'm a once a day shaeber, but I wanted to be easy and Gillette makes it easy always has I have. I have the mach three. I have the fusion prochell. I know this sounds like inside baseball for racers, but if you've ever shaved with these razors you, you know the shaving cream is great. Okay. My son's now shave which Jillette and it's it's, you know, this is a heartfelt a product endorsement because it's the only razor.

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