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Be hot and humid today it is so today we're looking at just like yesterday we're going to be dealing with again high temperature ninety degrees scattered showers and thunderstorms to be popping up with the heating of the day so we do need to be prepared for again any one of these storms to produce some heavy downpours also because there won't be fast moving storms that could produce some street flooding issues so be aware that we could see some of that out there as we head into the afternoon hours today same thing for tomorrow to upper eighties around ninety degrees for a high temperature so again not much change in the forecast the next couple of days so keep that in mind now as we head into friday we'll start seeing that deeper tropical moisture associated with this system heading our way that's gonna lead a little better chance for rain still not being impacted yet by the invest about sixty percents rain on friday highs in the mid eighties and then again for the weekend it depends on what the system may do i'm going to go right now with a sixty percent chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms saturday sunday and monday high temperatures in the mid to upper eighties each day as well too and those will be in the seventy s on both sides of the lake so all right again many of you going to go to the beach i think if you're going to be going anywhere from say block see to gulf shores orange beach pensacola destiny usual hotspots you need to plan for rain for sure over there the question is how much rain we will have over here all right well let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that this thing doesn't form it doesn't become anything more dangerous and that maybe it just falls apart in the wind shear in the gulf of mexico and everybody has a wonderful memorial day weekend while preparing for no matter what our plans are knowing that anywhere from new orleans all the way to key west someone could get a serious dousing and some very heavy rain will be prepared pared either way want to go to outer space sure well you know they've been talking about how they're going to charge i think eight to nine million dollars to go to the new space hotel that they're going to.

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