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We're gearing up for the highly-anticipated match up between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs. I'm Sarah Goodwill here with Evan Lazar. We're finally out Wednesday the big first preparation day for the Patriots on the practice field heading into their matchup against Patrick Mahomes. Let's talk about that offense because obviously they put on a show against the Ravens on Monday Night Football. That's just how special is this offense in our difficult. Will it be for this Patriots defense? Well, it gives me a very 2007 Patriots field with this team maybe a zero three or four page where it just feels inevitable that they're going to get to their game. Now, obviously stylistically, they're very different from those two Patriot teams, but in terms of the fact that they're on a 12-game winning streak right now and it doesn't really feel like it's ending any time soon in terms of their dominance of the league. We haven't really seen this outside of New England all that much. Maybe Green Bay and 2010-11 with with Aaron Rodgers, but for the most part this domination, Is really just been the Patriots over the last couple of decades and nobody else. So I'm not saying that the Chiefs are about the Roloff six Super Bowls. I'm not sure if that's necessarily going to happen, but they're certainly they do what they do and they do it extremely. Well. I went Patrick Mahomes. He has blossomed I think taking it even the step further because now mentally he's dominating the game. So the Baltimore Ravens through a lot of different Blitz packages at him on Monday night and he went 15 4 19 with three touchdowns against their blitz. So it's really you can't Blitz them. You can't play Man coverage against the guys in the back and you can't play zone cuz they're too fast and they're just going to run right through all the bound. So what do you do against this offense is pretty much holed up in man coverage as best as you can and pray that that's pretty much all I can come up with at this point like you just did it's so easy to get home soon as kids City offense, but they're pretty solid defensively as well. What do you yeah from that side of the ball and how the Patriots can kind of explain what it says. Well, I think that's what we've seen out of this dead. Is that you know, a lot of Patriots fans could probably relate to the 2011 Patriots or the 2010 Patriots where they have these great offenses, but the defense wasn't holding up its end of the bargain I think similarly with Kansas City over the last couple of years. The defense really didn't hold up its end of the bargain then last year it finally all came together. Now, they play complimentary football and Steve Spagnola their defensive coordinator is a known Patriots Kryptonite type of guy. He's off see the defensive coordinator the 07 Giants which we don't need to talk about right now, but he's a very men pressure heavy guy, you know, man coverage on the back end with pressure in the front seven. Chris Jones is obviously the big kind of guy in the middle of the defense that everybody's going to circle and you're going to have to have some sort of game plan against him. He is impossible to block Frank Clark on the edge is pretty solid to Tyrann Mathieu. We know what he can do in the secondary. So this need as much improved. I think that's why they went from AFC East Contender afci considers in general. I should say that now Super Bowl champions. It's not necessarily because the Patrick Mahomes I think it was also a lot to do with them. Events taking the next step as well. The NFL season is in full swing and the NBA finals are just getting started for all of your wagering options go to our exclusive Partners. Ag and use our promo code clns 54, welcome bonus..

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