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Because i've had some people snap back and say we'll greeley has unc. Well first off. They're not in the basketball. I can understand but football. Yeah they're not even in the same world so if you're a fan of bowl games and winning conference titles s. conference titles than you could be a rams fan and still bears fan. There's plenty of people that i know will wear their bears geared to a bears game but just just gladly take that off and drive over to a sea issue game as well. So that's kind of where. I was looking on that side on the student's section. Kevin what is it. Do you think it's last year being the crazier. It was or are we getting. dare i say this. A new breed of students were there like we love football. We love stay in for the whole game. It's fantastic yeah. I think it's a big covert about Especially if you look at freshman and sophomore 's had never been able to go to college game you know at least students So that's you know happier student population and been able to do so. It's a very novel. Cool exciting thing but then i think there's a possibility that that can breed into your kind the second part of your question. 'cause if you're a bunch of freshman sophomores go to the game. You're all having a blast. You know the teams winning and all that you're gonna say well there's a pretty cool thing. Let's keep doing this. And then that grows and grows and grows so that's you know that's the ideal and that's why it's been tough. You know you know several years where you struggled is you're not giving a very good product for soon to say. Oh keep coming back because let's be honest. There are a lot of things students can do on saturday night. That don't necessarily involve being in a stadium So so. I think it's a good start. I think certainly kobe bounce. It can help lead to something really. Good yeah i think you're i think you're spot on there my friend we'll looking at the x. xenos you know we don't have a whole lot of time left but we'll we'll get to more than those this afternoon But todd tale. That was kind of what. There are a lot of great things in that game. But todd tayo and i know the kicking game was amazing to with what you saw with cayden camper six for six but i really liked what we saw from santo because he needed to see a few of those long completions. He got a really long one with time. A coke was a sixty yard pass. That had to be great and you wonder. Is that going to be like. The floodgates are opening now now that he saw the ball go in so to speak. Yeah it'll be mean passing attack was what you're looking for. They're not gonna throw deep all the time but a bunch of shorthair media passes and then hit a couple long ones and that was perfect. I think you're right. Just the confidence for both him. And the receivers to deepen his huge kevin lionel joining us from the fort collins colorado and well in the defensive side of the ball my goodness that they were just getting after after the quarterback nick. Nash wasn't stark. Oh but they were still led me to believe and i wonder if it would have made that much of a difference if stark will was in because that defense just looked hungry..

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