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When she goes in front of a hearing how many children are dying in her own care. So therefore ice should be defended. They don't deserve a dime. Garland is in Minneapolis garland. You're on the Larry elder show. Thank you so much for calling. Hey, larry. I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do. My pleasure. Thank you. Oh, yeah. I heard that clip of Ilhan, Omar, and I was driving. I just clicked up the math and. That would mean that full-time McDonald's workers made less than five dollars an hour. Right. Which would be illegal. Yeah. Among other things. Thanks garland. I appreciate that. So the CEO of McDonald's p gets paid twenty one point eight million dollars can can you share with us? What someone in your position at McDonald's gets paid annually. Not that much. Not even a fraction of that. But I make a seven dollars an hour at my job. Really? Unbelievable, by the way, also suggests that the that we ought to end our two party system. So you must be okay with the idea. And I don't say that is. Democrats freaking out about it. But look I'm coming from. Somebody says what's wrong with more competition is better not last. You think it would be healthier for our system if we had four or five parties four or five I think that's fine. Whatever I think that that's a sounds like the two major parties, you feel like don't, sir. How about twelve we come back? Know the reporter Sam Donaldson. He applauded socialism. He says it's gonna make us a better country. Now, we're going to chat with Dave from irvington New Jersey about black face. Dave do not leave town triple eight nine seven one on this phone Abro Friday. So that you can beat my brother. Call triple eight nine seven one SAG can you beat.

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