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Two of the summit between President Trump and North Korea's. Leader Kim Jong UN has just gotten underway in Vietnam. Rush. We've developed something very special with respect to that. But I just want to say I have great respect for chairman Kim. Great respect for his country. And I believe that. This will be something. That will be almost hard to compete with for many countries such potential. So the president they're saying, no, rush, maybe tempering some expectations buddy also said earlier when you have a good relationship. A lot of good things do happen and Kim Jong UN's actually answered a question from a journalist unprecedent. He was asked if he was confident going in said it's too early. I wouldn't say though, I'm pessimistic says he has a good feeling responded to an American journalists reporter from the Washington Post vote centers are coming to Orange County for the two thousand twenty election. Neil Kelly register of voters for Orange County tells connects this will not only make it easier to vote, but we'll also have financial benefits. Oh question is gonna save money. Because if you think about it if I had to replace equipment in a thousand plus polling places of that time came out of the equipment would increase the cost. So from a capital standpoint, the cost of vote centers will probably be about a third the cost of what you would have for bowling Kelly says there would be one hundred eight votes centers that would replace the county's nearly twelve hundred polling places they will each be able to handle more voters. And more information will be available to them if they have any questions, California's sanctuary state law was a wedge issue in the last election cycle. Now LA county's top copses resulted in big changes in the jail system. He campaigned on it now LA county. Sheriff Alex Villanueva says ice agents have been removed from LA county law enforcement facilities uniform ice agents are no longer inside the county jails they're no longer inside the courthouses. They're no longer inside the station jails, and that is a I very big step much of that prompted by California's sanctuary state law. It does allow some inmates to be transferred to federal custody. But the list of crimes that qualify. Such transfers has also been narrowed if is a crime of violence as a threat to the community. So the ones we still allowed to transfer the ice Cussing the sheriff says the previous presidents of uniformed ice agents at LA county jails led many inmates to believe that the two agencies were working together at sheriff's headquarters, Craig figure KNX ten seventy NewsRadio.

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