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Gingerly on the ice in the mist scenery and out where Karen and Ronald all this waited for their grandsons hockey game to start for decades thousands of children here might have looked ahead to a job at one of the northern New York town's auto for aluminum plants now most of them have shut down Karen lamented the toll job losses taken on the area she started in the hockey community here we've lost some Greek families that really supported the program it had to move on but those factories relied on something still going strong the hydro power dam right here on the Saint Lawrence river today energy infrastructure that provided power in the past sometimes right on site appeals to an emerging industry electricity hungry datacenters sites were industrial dinosaurs were left for dead a Pennsylvania steel plant in North Carolina textile mill in Alabama coal fired power plant had been re animated as homes for computers used for digital data operations ointment runs a data center inside of former aluminum plant here in Masina that was built to accommodate the extreme heat generated from smelting these noisy computers inside it now gets pretty hot too says coin mint chief operating officer nor Berkey all this is another reason why this site is so attractive because it's so far north and that has the scenario with this I'm not gonna call it naturally a conditioning.

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