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Thomas j tori chapter four twenty one. Just google That memorial day five k. Run or walk with the staten island running association. Meanwhile this weekend will be one of extra reflection and remembrance. At fort collins veterans plaza where a series of events honoring veterans are set to take place through memorial day this morning to piece by aaron oodles out of the fort collins colorado and and just like it did in two thousand seventeen. This fort collins memorial at twenty six twenty six were west horse. Tooth road will offer a very special tribute to veterans of the vietnam war on wednesday afternoon. Traveling three hundred and sixty foot phnom war memorial wall atch With a list of the thousands of us service members who were killed or went missing during the conflict arrived at the plaza for a temporary installation over memorial day weekend. It'll be installed or was installed. I should say At seven a. m. yesterday Reading of the names of the fallen began then and was scheduled to go on throughout the day. A reading of the fallen will also take place from seven. Am to seven pm today and again as saturday and sunday this according to the veterans plaza schedule the memorial wall.

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