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Will can I defend myself again? Because when Leon Rose was hired, I was positive on that. And that was an outside the box. I wr that there were people like, What are you doing? Bringing in a day? You're you were I was sure, but I'm saying with this Move with the total. Kevin Durant bringing your guy a guy who has no experience a guy who literally you're just bringing in hoping that he's gonna just, you know, follow along with his stars and do what they say. Basically, And if bin Dicks I mean, listen, the Knicks have no. You know, I can get them no benefit of the doubt on anything. I would know what I mean. Well, what you said. It is a fair point. It is now. The fact is Brooklyn Nets have more talent on their team. I mean, they do have Kevin during Irving. But if the Nicks came out and said, we're hiring Steve Nash to be our next head coach, you're going to say Oh, here we go again, Guy that's gotten no experience whatsoever. You're looking for the star power, the draw the cachet. Everything of the like, and the Knicks would be ridiculed more so than anything else, and you look at the Brooklyn Nets. I have no idea what Stephen Ashe is going to be as a head coach, but that's the point. And the reason it is a total unknown for a team that is looking for certainty. Jeez, you're tryingto win. Isn't it shocking that they didn't go with a guy like Van Gundy of something like that? Who has play on? You know, I mean, there's no place to spend weeks, too, will spend weeks here trying to convince Steve Nash to take over and be the head coach of that team. Playing footsie with him. And those are the reports from woes out there, not footsie. Ask early, but the fact that they tried they had to convince him to be the next head coach. They've been working on this for a few weeks. Then that's that's a little concerning. Like I said, I need to know more about the convincing because was Nash like No way. I don't want any part of this and that they had to, like, Where of doubt. Or was it Hey, he'd been thinking about it. Maybe didn't think it would happen this like this opportunity and this quickly, but ultimately, he didn't want to become a head coach anyway. I got to know more about the convincing part right? Because if he had to be armed, twisted, or they had to throw it insane amounts of money just for him to take this job. Well, then that's not what you want, but I think that they probably maybe, Jeff, Thank God he doesn't want to do it. You know, maybe it's good. I think it's pretty clear that Gregg Popovich probably didn't want to do it. I don't want to leave San. It's okay. But take those two guys that legislation. It's a guy with no experience bringing in a win now situation would you rather have, though, Jason cuter Ty Lou, they have experience. We have their track records. I lose one title. I mean, I'll be honest, I'd rather make an argument for Jack Vaughn. How about Mark Jackson? Will Mark Jackson. I thought should've gotten an opportunity being interviewed Well, But how about Jack Vaughn? Who we heap praise on. I know they got swept away by the Raptors in the opening round, but what they go five and three in the bubble before the MBA playoffs began and you know, they played particularly well, and people were heaping praise on born. I know he's going to be a part of that staff now here moving forward for Steve Nash, but I'm I'm looking to try and win a title with a guy that I have no idea if it can coach I'm going on Relational. It's a huge gamble that now is it could work. I mean, and the net fan is going to look at this. And we know Steve Nash is a huge star. And there gonna look at Steve Kerr in the job that he did out there in Golden State? Yeah, and that's ah, That's AA chip of the old game in the argument, saying that it can't work and I'm not telling you that this is going to be an unmitigated failure. I'm surprised by the gamble. Realize in the window is not all that big, right? That's that's the point for Brooklyn is why would you gamble on a guy that's got no head coaching experience? When next year is go time? Yeah, you know, I think maybe Maybe from what they saw in Golden State. Maybe it doesn't feel like it's big of a gamble to them. And maybe they see the potential in Steve Nash, so this doesn't seem like it's so totally out of left field like it does to the rest of us. Maybe that's part of it. I don't know. Maybe it works. Maybe it does work. Although Steve Curl, so you know Had been a general manager. You know, he had seen a couple different sides of the of the equation here. I know, I think Steve National soccer team from not mistaken, but still, I mean, there were other things that that Kurt had done outside of just playing nationally. Guesses just done. Whatever he was doing behind the scenes, you know with the Warriors, and now he's stepping into a pretty big role here. Interested. I'm not keeping for the nets. I'm just interested like juicy. It's a fascinating higher, certainly a higher that Ah lot sexier and we gotta grab headlines and draw conversation Mohr than, say, Ty Lou would Well, let's head out to Long Island. It's John. It's the fan. What's going on, John? Hey, Good afternoon. Thanks Taking my call. So this is necessarily a Tom Seaver kind of story. But it's just a story about where baseball in our society was back in the sixties, So my dad and I were Yankee fans, and we'd watch Every game and particularly on Sundays, and the announcers Mel Allen and Red Barber would announce on Sunday during the game. But the Yankees are arriving back at either. Well at the time Idlewild Airport or Kennedy or LaGuardia Airport and say they're coming back. American Airlines Flight X 123. Whatever. And my dad and I would go over to the airport. These players would come off plain with their suit bags over their shoulders and their own, carrying their own bags and would sign autographs for all us little kids. They were just hanging around there. So this morning when I heard the news about Tom Fever, I went to the Cabinet where I keep my important papers. And sure enough, I've got autographs from Mantle. Howard Richardson. Ralph how you name it. All. The Yankees from whatever was the 19. ERM, you know, mid 19 sixties. It was terrific. And what a different time it wass. How much different time there's no doubt about it. That's cool story. It just tells you. Yeah, I mean the accessibility to players then as compared to the accessibility to players, now a tea old Yankee stadium. Just is speaking to that is there used to be the playersparking lot that used to be gated in and old Yankee Stadium growing up. On..

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