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Your have to work for it and that's actually kind of unfair maybe to charlie i mean you know it's it's not always easy to be wealthy either i don't think we should pity the rich but the certainly there's problems attached to it of are you genuinely interested in may do you genuinely love me but yeah i mean i think you know it's funny like charlie's job is sort of like industrious selfdelusion making you know like it's it's not really he is a need to make money he just needs to show that he is working for his family to continue to support him on this of say number of of the characters in the book because while needed the supplement characters who locals to the island some of the people that were and his father an analysis of a couple of carry says arazi human adrienne wrestled james at a cousin of charlie adrian's he's seemingly even richer than charlie's family lofa whenever i described as i always feel like this book sound so danielle steel when i describe it but i swear it's not or wasn't intended debris of it's definitely ball patricia highsmith the daijiro staleness cliffside what's good thank you well one of those good as well as with these today we've runciman adrienne kazan they're a couple who made me think why an and charlie not a gay couple mm nina what i it's so interesting bring that up because i originally wanted to make ian gay but then is speaking at patricia highsmith i was really worried it was gonna fall into that subgenre of books were big gay man is envious of the straight guy in in sort of like ian is obsessed with charlie an charlie's well the end while these lie then so i didn't really want projects that 'cause i i feel like that's a trope it's been kind of done in is on of unfair to gay characters i should have been a bike went back in time it would have been interesting to make charlie gay and that could have been interesting but i do think that there is a little bit of sexual tension between charlie in the end.

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