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There might be more you know in the future be funding today. I'm going out after we finish here. Of course it's free comic book that and so he checking that out. So are you willing to travel for constant or i mean. This was not a big travel. This was probably two hours away from four. I am But i think i'd be interested in in a little bit of travel. All depending on you know what our overall world pandemics situation is and and other things but the lockable coming up. Are you going to baltimore. Going to baltimore. steve are you inviting me to work. Just show up and say i'm here doesn't doesn't work that way. Come on steel city in this man's like a by the lunch come on exactly sample con right now for florida. Yes adds to reframe having but you know it's clear. People are are eager to be together and share. What their jazz devout Know interesting comics or cause player or whatever. It was a really palpable sense. That people were enjoying that in this clearly. From many many people's like the first thing they go on to in a long long long time a for anything let alone comments the smaller flow she specially with the disappearance a couple of other institutions. Your initial was I can't remember what it was called one. it was I think. I think it was the same show that was in bridgeport connecticut Several years back for transition terrific on and move up to this casino so it clearly grown in size and scale and it was very. I think reasonably sized convention. It was not small. What it definitely was not wall crazy town either so good balance back to normally doing more that absolutely all right. So yes today. We're talking about something. A little different daredevil and batman eye for an eye mike copies well so so. I thought this won't be interesting. Just wanted to ask you about some of the behind the scenes. What's involved in lake. I know the process for regular comics. But it's like when you get to companies together is what is it like twice that you have to talk to to editors run no. Yeah oh yeah absolutely. I mean These things are a balancing act right because you're not only dealing with One set of editorial mandates who are dealing with two and then what are the compound the companies operating together Are they really adversarial. Are the corporate overlords warner brothers disney. At this point you know even willing to talk how to the lawyers. You know agree of what these chew. Intellectual properties are doing together. I i don't know how many of these things happen nowadays But they were. I think a little bit more available and frequent earlier on because there was a lot of editors who had been and were friends and then through different circumstances ended up at different day ended up in different companies or mike carlin who was mark rumbold's assistant at marvel would later go on to become the premier superman editor at dc for various reasons Transitioned out of out of moral Not breathing about him but that opens the door. Then i think to those amalgam comics right. And there's a whole amalgam album line. And i think in a similar way here we had a denny o'neil who is the premier batman editor and ralph macho. I think row was danny's assistant at one point but they were certainly friends and friendly and so it became wall not just a given of saying..

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