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Some food down. It's never going to happen, but I've got some random bet with Andy Roddick for 500 bucks that in baseball, I don't remember. I think it's like five beers for hot dogs. Two nachos, peanuts, Achara, Uh, What is it, Theresa? Whatever that thing is calling on the Senate, right? And con candy? Sure. Oh, there we go again of the breakfast I had entitled three days ago. Had Theresa on it. They didn't bring. It was upset about it so obvious still bother me? Mm. Is that Garrett? Is that written? He sounds like Homer Simpson. Mm, having a doughnut. Can't do it, baby. Hopefully how you can't It's gotta snort out of me on the Jim Roam show awesome. So ESPN really stepped up three times three times. They basically couldn't get the broadcast going. It looked like they had technical difficulties that look like they dropped the ball in a serious way. But I'd like to believe the best of the folks in Bristol. That they understood that none of us should be subjected to watching Joey Chestnut or anyone else down. Million hot dogs. I don't understand how this is celebrated. It is such a discuss it's just it's gross man. It is gross. I mean, congratulations. Joey Chestnut broke his own record. I don't even I don't care. Congratulations. There's a lot of gross things I can do. I'm not going to share with you like I'm not going to go on the radio and celebrate it. I know a bunch of gross people. Doesn't make them legends of American culture. So, so thank you to Bristol for trying not to get and put that thing on the air. Went to Nathan's. When I moved to New York City for two years, I went down to Coney Island with my with my kids. There's an amazing pizza bites to Thanos. I think it's called amazing pizza place down there and Long lines, and after we got done, we walked by Nathan's and it's on the little boardwalk on the water. My buddy who actually worked for the Lakers want to get one like as a tradition. I'm gonna go for it and let me just say, I think there's an error in judgment. Let me just put it to us is count. So eating 75 of those doesn't feel like a great idea. 75 Coney Island dog as quickly as you can. How many I I don't think if you gave me you gave me 10 minutes. I don't think I could get three hot dogs down. Not in 10 minutes. And I grew up in hot dogs twice a week. My like contacts. Alright Every year that I worked this holiday. I have to yell about the stupid hot. I just find it to be so disguise. It's so gross. It's so gross. They have. They have a thing. They just into my neighborhood that the iron man where you have to run a mile. Paddle of mile in the ocean and then chug a six pack of beer. I'm there for that. I'm not saying I can. I can do it. I could Chuck the beers. The other thing would be the problem. But like that's that's cool, but hot dogs totally totally different deal. Alright, let's um I'm done. Let's talk with actually gonna ask Rob double he likes I just wanna I wanna understand now I'm done. Yeah,.

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