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America's number one radio show what's what's on your mind today well I wonder if you remember one president Obama ordered a drone strike to assassinate a U. S. citizen on foreign soil yes he did this would be when he took out the lackey Adam I'll lackey in them in the Yemen country with which we were noted wool but mysteriously president Obama decided to drop bombs on AG as I recall he was actually just having lunch at a restaurant this guy and they blew him up in mid falafel what I remember was it was a young man that had gone overseas and we thought that he had turned to the dark side oh wait a minute yeah your right actually that I'll lackey one his sixteen year old son was also blown up that's the guy Abdel Rahman his son and he said he was from Colorado he was basically an American he was in law he was an American school boy he was basically in America yeah in process they didn't even try to apprehending they just did you ma'am yeah that's that's right he was he was basically a a high school sophomore and they droned him an American a Colorado high school sophomore drone by Obama and to and tell me what happened next Thome did the deal the left in the media go bananas over it yet all I saw a couple things already was very sparse unit just one away yeah it's sold that is at my recollection is that the only guy who actually made a big fuss about it would actually to you guys now the father son act like they lackeys it was wrong and ran to pull they were they were concerned that the idea of a president do could just growed go around the world droning American citizens but basically the New York times yeah yeah that's true but they do at the Washington post New York times Adam Schiff rose McGowan none of them were beloved by the droning of American citizens as I recall tell me so let me ask you okay Kerry to assassinate an American citizen why isn't such a bad deal to assassinated terrorists general exactly I mean that's what's that's what's fascinating about this terrorism you get into these these legal difficult is because they're not a Miller tree calm but tense under the Geneva convention they just some guy who's living in in the in an apartment somewhere who decides to rent an S. U. V. and drive it for a Christmas market in Berlin or whatever so it's fake but it's different when it's an actual general and as you point out there going crazy over trump droning a foreign general meeting with the guy who just attacked an American embassy them and they going fob full file crazier over the droning of an Iranian general than they did over at the Colorado high school sophomore it which would almost suggests that these objections on a genuine principled but they just step crappy in well flows and cheaply politically opportunist in a totally obvious way told me well I agree with that I really don't have much more to say other than it's a crazy world and I hope we get it straightened out yeah I think that's what they would call the second Blaj and will we were full of healthcare willow your taxes and will straighten out this crazy world that's definitely a second death from pledge Toby thank you very much field goal and happy new year to you that is the very interesting I basically bit Obama because all of the commitments he made to get my couldn't actually capture anyone and bring them to get my and interrogate them because he pledged along with many other pages that meant nothing that he was going to close down gitmo so the idea of seizing high value competence and then subjecting them to extreme interrogation proceed is to try and extract information for them from them wasn't something that he was in a position to do so the easiest way to deal with this was just to find out what people wind just driving them quietly and I hope that nobody I heard anything about it and the the the sixteen year old school boy I'll lackey all Nike for those you don't remember he was a big shot a man who would be in the other so called spiritual adviser that something three all full of the nine eleven guys and with a bunch of other ones all the way up to people like the Fort Hood Kayla for example so he was a bad guy as usual we come tell the bad guys from the good guys so in the early days after nine eleven he was being touted as the sort of moderate a ma'am and like all the guys if you can take almost any president or prime minister in the days after nine eleven they all went to the nearest mosque and had photo opportunities with so called moderate a man's and said is slamming his pace an older soul the Margaret M. am say were photographed within those days after nine eleven it turned out to have some key connections but none like this guy lackey who was involved with all kinds of people nevertheless he was a U. S. citizen he was born in New Mexico and his kid who is this says sixteen year old high school kid from Denver he looks like an American in high school kid D. V. D. didn't seem anything like an obvious terrorist or whatever but he said he's on the terrace of this.

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