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I don't know rina should i say this wenas confided me she doesn't watch a lotta movies so that's that's instilled me with a little bit of confidence maybe she's just playing games with your head who knows i don't see those what's that then you say you worked at hollywood video i don't see a lot of movies now okay well i'm gonna ask you about a movie that came out now maybe maybe i will i've already obsessed with if wore trivia okay so prize bag let's talk about it i brought a bunch of stuff adamant it what do you have for the bag i've got copy company album which is so old now i have to record another on just to have something in the bag i got a copy of roger ebert movie book for two thousand and two wow i want to hang onto that here's the thing i thought it was funny because flipping through and because it's every review from january ninety nine to june two thousand one turns out really shit he time for movies full of like what can i ask you two quick what do you think the first alphabetical what do you think the first review is in this in this book ought to be aardvark for sale a good one from ninety nine it's gotta be a because this working hollywood video is this your yeah i mean but that okay you know it's a little early audience guesses.

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