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Order companies that are not as lean. Like. Stuck in their ways me will probably still insist on certain jobs being onsite. By, Jesse some of the time right, and that's the thing I was thinking. I was thinking yet most of the truth yellow. Now and again even no matter what happens next right? Yep, so I think all. This is back to to -nology transformation so. As more companies see the value in the cloud go to the cloud I do see more cyber jobs being remote, but the hardest rocked move is course. The players in the. CYBERSECURITY leaders, these companies convincing them to change how work is done. dowse hardest rock to move. Inches that you say that because. They the Vati people that you see will be the most progressive, but obviously. Not always the -cation. Know say maybe some of the bigger companies, maybe smaller ones or SME's. We call them in the UK. Yes, the same thing in the states but. Maybe not with the same resources in the saint insight into what's happening in the shaggy. And you're absolutely great because. I can see. Companies with legacy application that cannot move the clouds governments. People know. The government is very slow to adopt new technology So they'll. They'll probably do the greatest. High Sade outliers. Slow that down. Who is still insist on being in the office? But A. Startups and Comey's are more leaner and quicker to adopt a new technology the way. Do you think they'll lead the way with? You know diversity as well. That's a mixed bag. Because right now all with pandemic, there are a lot of job losses. Whole industries are being. Disrupted and lock. With big name that are going out of business and traditionally when? Economic Times are not as good women do bear the brunt of the lay offs and job losses unfortunate, but there's also a possibility to put the competitions in that sense, because women traditionally if they're not impeded in a traditional on premise workplace, it is possible to thrive if they can work online more. That's the thing that I'm. I sorta sold. And I wondered and I hope that that'd be the case that it's kind of in some ways this remote way in Nathan. It's kind of a great leveler. Yes hopefully UST. Essahafa Tunis's so geographically as well as other reasons. You might see that come through some of the in in. Waste and stuff I. Don't if that's the best way to say. Because I would say women cybersecurity I recall it, but maybe. Maybe say. Maybe, you'll see that consumed some of the conversations. Maybe some of the feedback. He'll get move ecstasy monsell sort of like. You know if that's the case. I mean they the kind of conversations that you have in. Society. I think. The hard part though is also change changes, all always very hyper people. Companies a national governance resemble even in the UK. When there was a big buyer in London that destroyed a lot of. Most of the city back in the old days. Centuries ago I think people would say. Let's use new technology and build better, but. In a game in the end now we just just knowing what's. But that's it's so cheap. That would change though I mean that's the thing with changes and and I wonder you know if I people say to me that the situation that the world in now I am not just the pandemic was sort of some of the politics that are coming off. You know in the UK immediately before that we obsessed with Brac says and what the jazz just brexit. We're going to be and then in the states we've had you know. Obviously you've got the elections coming up. Yes, fall and and very controversial president. Empower. We've got the the black lives. Matter Movement the METOO movements. Sometimes, you look at these things than how painful some of these changes are. She feel like that. How would you feel about all of this? It's such a turbulent time, jess, it is. Optimistic face. Look at all of these. I think I do see. Yet a lot of a similarity. Larry's thoroughly light. That's my point. Where is race on the road? Warriors yesterday changed stopped ringing and. Yes way through a global. Global? Event in our history. which about you I would never forget? But when we should, we should also error that. Clients History we have always stepped up. We have always moved on and became better for it. The black plague. Disagreed with the black pay, plague and a swine flu, and all these other viruses. We will. We will become overcome it. And you'll all be better for it and when all this will be just another patient history book. But. We're living at Nathan I mean that's the thing. I feel like every day when you online. You think this is historic. It's a historic day for this reason. Authors! Of. Example many months ago with the IT uncertainty of my friends even were leading the UK because they feel that. With all the chaos, the restricted, but now now that there's new leadership there and things are slowly moving forward. There's opportunities. To. Pretty UK took the lead again. Hopefully. It strange because of all the things to happen in the middle of this brexit transition. Complexity to old, but yeah. I mean it's an what you said earlier, just your earlier point about. You know government being slow to adopt change I mean need. We thought this. Technology sort of. Trying to address some of the problems in the track and trace. Yup Up in the UK is being very controversial. G See that's what from your point of unit America is the the Saint Controversy, but those type of APPS I didn't read it. You guys all with all of that made. Yes it. Is Pretty much the same. Contact on security attack on trade contact tracing where. where I strongly were see that LOB garments and Pie Force that upon us to track where we go, we see we contact. She reminded compulsory. Is that what you mean? That's that's is a genuine. Fear is similar to after the nine eleven attacks, and all these barristers tax where security will trump. Will Override Privacy, NC and overall people's rights. Were GonNA. Say we have to do this for the sake of security and..

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