President Trump, North Band Garden State Parkway, New Jersey State Police discussed on Mark Levin


And to BBC radio dot com. I'm Bob Brown all around the Tri state authorities is stepping up security measures, which will last through Inauguration Day threaten is the side of one such planned protest, according to reports. New Jersey State police Superintendent Patrick Callahan says they're in constant communication with federal law enforcement partners at this time, no specific or credible threat, but we're postured and prepared to respond with all of those partners. Should that need arise as a precaution. Governor Murphy is closing all state offices in ordering staff to work remotely this coming Wednesday, Inauguration day. President Trump wants to hold a farewell ceremony at joint base Andrews before he leaves office, multiple media reports. Sources inside the Trump administration confirmed the plant. The president plans to leave the White House Wednesday morning, a few hours before Joe Biden takes the office to become the nation's 46th president. Details are still being worked out on the president has already changed previous plans. Trump wants a military style setting to say goodbye to members of his administration and supporters. When it's over, he'll fly to Florida on Air Force One to begin his post presidency. Life at his Mar a Lago Resort. Tom Roberts reporting next to dine in Cleveland, Rutgers hosting Wisconsin. WBC news time. Seven or five traffic and transit on the way night Forecasting the Ramseys Subaru Weather Center of Rain Tonight Low 45 tomorrow for Your Saturday cloudy with early morning showers and a high of 48 right now it's 46 degrees. We have light rain in Central Park. It's 45 degrees and Rutherford I'm Bob Brown, streaming 24 7. The all new 77 w A B C mobile. I'll tell you ABC traffic in transit in Jersey There's an accident on the North Band Garden State Parkway writer and exit 1 31 causing delays. There is also a collision on a route 21 South bound in Passaic. We're looking at heavy volume at Rockland County. An accident on the North bound Palisades Parkway right around exit seven. West District County of Collision South bound on the Hutch south into 87, also an accident North bound on the Bronx River Parkway approaching the cross county that's causing delays and very heavy traffic on the North bound Hutch from Pelham Parkway right on up to the cross county traffic is slow on the North Bank, Harlem River Drive heading up toward 155th Street with a collision. Jets release talk radio 77 w A B. C. Well,.

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