Comcast, Disney, Robertson discussed on CNBC's Fast Money


Clear there's no doubt that with that kind of clearing you now see a very aggressive bid from comcast and i think the main point to that anyone watching should be thinking about is comcast lost in two thousand and four they were embarrassed when they tried to bid for disney they lost in two thousand fifteen when the government rejected for regulatory reasons their acquisition of time warner cable comcast is not losing this time around they are in it they want to win and like they are not losing to disney here and so the question is how far to your question on disney how far is willing to go is this a must win for disney how far is robertson willing to go i think if you're angelique holder which full disclosure i am as a comcast employee what should i be worried about the brian's got brian's fifty eight years old i think he's thinking about how does he position comcast not just domestically but how does he position comcast globally right for the next thirty plus years there is no when you look at the potential assets here nothing look looks like fox so there you don't have any plan b so i think he's willing to go very far for fox why was planning as why did we wait for disney to make their bid before they came in that's puzzling why was comcast more aggressive after the fact that way i guy could say the same thing why did disney allow at and t to buy time warner time warner theoretically would have been a better acid for disney by i think there's been because disney's strategy i think in terms of getting it over the top and their distribution i think was unveiled on this makes natural sense it amped up their content but i think well first of all i'd say the biggest reason why this is all happening is look what's happened with netflix facebook and google i think these executives didn't see this coming i mean they were blindsided i mean netflix is now a bigger market cap than disney i mean they didn't see this type of secular behavioral change in consumers that we're seeing i mean see three ratings what everyone looks at for tv ratings for linear television were down twelve percent for the last season full season we lease numbers are just things are.

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