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Out. Nice to bomb around with that thing and we get about fifty acres here a cattle farm. We've got some of its in woods woods and so this morning I was out working the cows and I actually saw a fresh Fisher track and that Fisher had been all over the farm just feeding eating and moving around in searching and looking and hunting doing his thing so we set a few traps for him. We may catch that Fisher. We may catch Weasel likely catch easel. Others should be putting weasels are out and we will We'll have a lot of fun. Check in these straps. That's the boys love to ride on snowmobile and we did this last year. We actually caught a Fisher just a couple of hundred yards from the house and we caught a couple of weasels. So we we got those ten. The Fisher is hanging in the house tanned. Beautiful Beautiful Pelt and the boys each have their own weasel that they individually vigili helped me catch and so they they have their ten weasel pelts each have him in the room and they take him out every once in a while and show him off and play with them. So that's pretty cool so we'll we'll do that again this year. So we got six sets out we had most of them are for that Fisher or weasel. I had one spot what were seen a few coon's and we set those out. It's so cold to Kuhn's are very active right now. Probably not active at all actually and we'll get a skunk hanging around. He's pretty He he hasn't come out since we had this Big Cold snap but will will set in those areas actually next week at my warm up a little bit. We're supposed to get out of this cold pattern here for a little bit so we'll see if that if that gets the skunk in the Kuhn's out and may may catch one of those in in one of those devices as well. They're they're tough they get. It takes a small animal. The squeeze through that opening to be caught but Anyway it's pretty easy just tossed the box over wire the trapped tree and and off you go so we did a few videos of. I've been posting lot on youtube. If you haven't hadn't been checking in their go check it out a lot on the Martin Chaplain and We we me and the boy did a few youtube youtube videos. Here will probably post up Sometime in the near future and Kinda just showed you get an idea of what it looks like around here and the type traps were. We're setting and all that stuff. The type habitat were setting in. So we're about fifty minutes in here. I have a lot of things to talk about but I think for this episode assode. Maybe I'll give you an update on my Martin Line so we haven't talked about the coyote trap line and I'm going to do that in a very recent very very three close future episode. So we'll get into that. We'll talk a lot about my first real coyote line. I'm in a very long time in in over a decade now. And we'll get into what I've learned what I caught and how that all went so that was good good. But and and then there's some beaver Muskrat stuff to talk about. But yeah let's talk about the update on the Martin Line so I set out and I I wanted to be up up in high country high mountain country for Martin. There's a kind of so here's the strategy that I come up with at the beginning of the season season couple years ago so three years ago. We'll go back three years ago. I thought I'm going to have a spot. I'm going to set up and this is going to be my trap line. I'm fine I'M GONNA go whale middle nowhere where no hopefully nobody else's trapping in. This'll be the spot where I sat Martin Fisher traps. I make a big line. Huge line has said a bunch traps out and have these sites and he spots year after year. And these are my traps in this is Kinda my my territory and I take my kids on this train them up and maybe they were on the same line as well. Maybe we even build a camp Get get a lease and built a camp up in the woods woods on that line. I don't know that was just kind of my the idea floating around my head and about halfway through that first season I realized just that stuff very wise if I want to catch for. That's not a wise thing to who so first thing was my second run through the line. I met at some other trappers who've been trapped in there for a few years so it wasn't exclusive area that nobody else trapped. Even though it was extremely remote wrote Additionally I realized that I was in an area that had been heavily harvested timber have been harvested as young forest. It didn't support High Martin Densities Sport quite a few Fisher which proved more difficult to catch with the Links exclusion devices as I was using and then I realized that there were so many different dynamics going on and my catch rate per trap per trap up night was so low that to be successful I really needed to be dynamic myself and I need to be moving. Around to different areas in setting different replaces Set traps move set traps move so then for the last couple of years. I've been okay. I need to go in set traps for this amount of time poem and move to new spot reset them and bang. Bang just kind of keep doing that. The whole way through the season and last year I started out with that intention engine and last year this time of year the second week in November we got two feet of snow. We get two separate storms of at least as a foot of snow each and we can no longer get a pickup truck to any of the trap line so I was stuck running the chaplain on snowmobile ahead to buy a snowmobile mobile. That would run so I could go and run my traps. I was limited. I had about Forty thirty something boxes there. Thirty five forty boxes out at the time closer thirty-five probably and I ran those on snowmobiling. We'll be on. I wanted to add to the line but I was limited to in the amount that I could add to the line by what I could fit on the snowmobile. Because we gotta use these boxes and I can only fit like ten or twelve of 'em strapped onto the Tow sled on the back of my snowmobile. So so that was a tough off thing because I had you know you could only pull in reset so many traps time. So let's say you're running a line of say three dozen traps you runnin. Thirty six sets and you have to check it we. We have to check them every five days in. You work a fulltime job. So you're running your line on the weekends and you have to take a day a off at least a day off during the week to run your traps. So oftentimes it'd be like Church ranch APPs on a Sunday Tak- AK- Wednesday or Thursday off run again on Sunday or Saturday in a mid week day and then the Saturday. So you're doing that now for me. It was couple hour and a half two hour drive just to get the first strap and then you've got that drive back in the end of the day so your long longways out. And you're you're running your traps. That takes a good part of the day. So if you WANNA move traps if you you're limited by the number of shops apps you can check in a day and then by the time you pull. Let's say you WANNA pull a thirty year line and you strap stack them off on your sled and you strap him down and then you gotta go back to the truck because most of the time you have short road systems that are connected by powder owed so you have to load the snowmobile back in the truck and Oh wait. What do you do with the sled and the traps Alpha trailer really WanNa carry a trailer in the back of the tow a trailer on the truck on those piled road logging trucks coming at you all the time so it really turn turn out where it just was not is not feasible feasible to to do much and then then it's dark at four o'clock sir? You're getting you know by the time you check your traps. Might be one two o'clock you get back Jack. You Gotta get your sled on the truck. Get Somehow get your some boxes on the truck as well. Then you gotTA drive down to a new road system unload the sled get the boxes on. Get your tow sled and I it just it just doesn't make much sense The only way to really do that set move set move. I think think would be ahead of the season to have like one hundred. Fifty two hundred boxes out scattered throughout a large area and then be able to just go with your traps and Bait in snowmobile or truck and be able to do that. So fast. Forward to this season and I have I set now. I have the very first day of driving season. I said. Thirty eight sets for Martin Fisher and my goal was to set move set move set move and I I set thirty eighth first day. The second day I sat and other twelve so I had fifty sets out and I started checking checking them. And you don't really want to hold the first or second checks because early in the season the animals may be there which they were. I could see in the little bit of snow. We had. They were there but they just weren't coming into the Bates. They weren't that hungry so you don't really WanNa go from an area. Where were you have Martin and Fisher and then pull those straps and go to another area that you don't know whether they're Martin Fisher? They're not so I kind of hung on for a little while. I didn't Paul. And then we got a whole bunch of stow and we got to the point where it's like okay do I pull in. I was earning fifty cents so so I went ahead last time around the line and I pulled a nine of those fifty cents through in the back of the truck. I ran the rest even by the time I got done. At the end of the line we had fourteen inches of snow are a little more open mountains and had chained up and everything else and by the time I got down it. was you know I had an hour and a half before dark to go into a brand new road system and.

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