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Fox is Tanya J. Powers has details Live Dave. The shootings at the three massage parlors started around five o'clock yesterday afternoon and AC worth about 30 miles north of Atlanta, where five people were shot. It continued at two more spots in Atlanta. In all, eight people are dead, at least six or Asian women. 21 year old Robert L. Karen long is in custody after police identified him from surveillance video and captured him during a manhunt. Those killings follow a wave of attacks against Asian Americans. White House press secretary Jen Psaki released a statement saying the president has been briefed on the shootings. Dave Tony that of the CDC and Biden Covert advisor, Dr Anthony Fauci, LeBow testified this morning at a house hearing into covert vaccinations is the pace of getting shots into arms increases. European Union is now proposing covert vaccine passes to allow people to travel freely across the EU countries by the summer. How many Republicans here say they won't get the vaccine for President? Trump recommends they do like he did. Telling Fox last night such a great vaccine. It's just safe vaccine, and it's something that works. The former president also told Fox he's upset with what he says is a crisis at the border. It's going to get much worse. I mean, what you're seeing now is very bad record numbers, but it's going to get much, much worse. He believes President Biden undoing his policies for a surge of migrants coming here. President Biden reiterates his message to migrants telling ABC News I can say quite clearly don't come when we're in the process of getting set up. The head of Homeland Security, will testify later the House hearing this morning he blames trump policies for gutting the asylum system. The president also told ABC Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a price for trying to interfere in the 2020 election to help then President Trump America's listening to Fox News. Georges, you talk so you do when? From the access Wi you win, Hardy, shoveling newsroom and B. J. Williams the whole county Board of elections. His filed a lawsuit against Whole County government will have that story and others in a moment and accident still causing delays on I 85 South Bound approaching Hamilton Mill Road. I'm Caleb Hutchins. Update.

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