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The eagle fair that skin set down there john f you to pick one spot on the parade route and you're going to be out as you mentioned one of the one of the players flow but if you to pick one spot as a fan to be at this warning for it to take this paraded where would you want to be well so it turns off of broad street was where the stadium's art it goes down the ben ben franklin parkway which ends at the art museum so i would say being on the park way down to we're broadcasting from once i get off the floor when it gets or show we're broadcasting from a from a friday's ironically on the on the parkway so uh some i would say so we're all the parkway be like listen if you want to watch the ceremony from the art museum your already to lay people were camping out eight desert a lot of people that just get down there enjoy the day i play it by your that's what i would also crack staff they are they put that the two somalis show with that cat with the zero the judge jersey just all about it's pretty funny yeah so we tejan up is this the golok abreu generally jazz john fund a one for me is imagine the in terms of that city taken everything in what do you think the mindset of the go fed the how much you think it changes after finally winning the super bowl why here's how it changes that everybody if you're in this in your in this area you're in the nfc east in there's so many count which spent all over the place not just in dallas them to so annoying and they're up here um they always said the trump card where's your super bowl it was always the trump card giants fan cowboys fans even steeler fans because there's a lot in the area we're not that far away ravens fans that's the trump card you'll have a super bowl now got one now we're at the table so you can cash you is that anymore and by the way your super bowl so count they have not been in the last.

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