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It looks like probably give me the number two seed I could see see them going on the road and beat anybody so the saints are going to be a really hard out. No one wants to play out New Orleans. What a terrible place to go? Try To win a playoff game But so I look at the saints the packers and and and maybe the the seahawks to me. Well the C- outs have some injuries now. That's that's their biggest issue. A lot of injuries in that game last week. And now they I have a running back so I would say the saints in the packers to me are the best teams in the NFC sage. I'M GONNA use your quarterback expertise one more time and in. He only threw for two hundred yards last night and his quarterback rating was was a sixty and he did throw his first interception in two hundred and fifty past but I fought the performance by Aaron Rodgers. Last night was one of his better performances on the year getting the ball out to his guys short intermediate passes kind of controlling the the pace of the game in a rough atmosphere. What did you see in his performance last night? Well let's look at ELM LAZARD is I'm an Iowa state guys. He's I would stay guy so I'm GonNa give them some props here but he is a guy who's currently the number two receiver for the Green Bay packers. He was Don Jacksonville practice squad last year. he gets released. He signs with Green Bay. He is on he is released by them. I think on the practice squad and and then they signed onto the roster. He's their number two guy and he's making things happen always making it happen one. Because I think he's better than people thought he was. But the way Aaron can distribute distribute the football the way he gets the ball out so quickly. It's just I've never seen anyone. Throw the football the way he does. It's so effortless And he does stay away from turnovers two interceptions all of last year and until last night he had two interceptions going to the football game and he probably takes too many sacks. Oh Man I love quarterback shoot who. Don't throw the ball the other team and Aaron can just He's one of those guys to that. You know I I love the fact that Matt Leflore. It doesn't happen trying to make magic all the time which is why they have that. Running game now But when they need to the fact that Aaron can say hey. Hey we're down by ten. There's eight minutes left in the game. Let's go make this thing happen and Aaron like Russell Wilson One of those guys. I love in that position very good. Hey Hey say thanks for jumping in with us. We wish safe and happy holiday season. Look forward to our next visit. Happy holiday ballots. Happy Festivus for the rest of us. Well done on the way out. Hey John I have a question for you when we come back. Your former head coach had an interview with the Carolina Panthers yesterday. I want to ask ask you John. Kuhn who played for Mike McCarthy what the Carolina Panthers maybe could experience if they decide to go that route one of the movers and shakers in the NFL NFL in this off season. Going to be the coaching carousel. which will that hot stove? League will begin in earnest next week so it gets John Kuhn's thoughts on that Also we're going to check in on the NBA really interesting piece by Sam. AMICK ATHLETIC DOT COM. Chris Bruce are part of that storyline. Chris Broussard will join us in the next hour of the show the NBA Takes Center stage tomorrow. Christmas Day is the. NBA's Day some say it's opening day in the NBA when they when they go wall to wall on Christmas Day regardless of whether it's opening day or not there've been a bunch of games played so we'll dive into that conversation as well but when we come back. We'll talk talk to John. Kuhn about what Carolina might be in for if they pull the trigger off of yesterday's interview with Mike McCarthy will get to that in a moment as we continue. Continue on the rich Eisen show..

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