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Box of raisins. This is Mike Rosen at the movies KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM along with Christian total right now, we're talking about the movie Roma. It's very very slow moving at the outset. It picks up somewhat toward the end. There are two very moving scenes in it Cleo gets pregnant, and I'm not gonna give too much of this away. But she gets caught up in that riot that we talked about when our water breaks a lot of suspense as to how much time is taking her to get to the hospital in the hospital. There are some dramatic scenes and some dramatic images. Yeah. Also, the mom when she's going to tell the kids about the impending divorce the father, leaving the family takes them to Veracruz to a beach. And there is a. A very suspense film scene in that that generates some very some great concerns on your part. Yeah. That was a beautiful scene thought very haunting to so they're they're redeeming factors. I I just think calling it a good candidate for best picture of the best foreign film. Oh, no both data. I think that's a lock. Yeah. Honestly best picture of the year. I don't I don't think. So by the way, the audience gave it an eighty three percent score on rotten tomatoes, and the professional critics who are virtue signaling gave it a ninety six percent score one semi negative review. And he was chased away. Why why don't we find out what Dylan thought of the movie who's standing by? I'd dylan. What's your take on it? Right. Well, I'll be honest to say I thought it was pretty earnest portrait of humanity. I thought it was painted really vividly in black and white. And it was a nice slice of life story. I don't know. I I think I do disagree with you guys. I really captured the musicality of Mexico City and its inhabitants and superb fiction, nice fashion. All right. It was a topic. Frankly that I wasn't that interested in. Sort of the beginning moments or more cinema verite where you're gonna just almost like you're a fly in the wall looking at this life, and I get that. And understanding I think it's a good way to set the stage. But for me it took a while they're going to get to get engaged in the story. I'll tell you the feel of it that I got it felt like reality TV. Uh-huh. I hate reality. TV TV is occasionally nice, maybe occasionally, mostly not. Yeah. When when the producers don't kind of do not the story for their own benefit. I mean, are you sort of at that masterpiece level or you just saying, hey, this is a very good film. And I enjoyed it. I I I really enjoyed it. Like, honestly, it might be my favorite Selma beer. Okay. Now. Did you see in the theater or did you see that Netflix? I thought it was actually at the film festival here in Denver. Okay. And the sound design was mind boggling like I've never even heard something beautiful is that, you know, a lot of a lot of people did say you need to see this in the theater, and I did not. I saw it a Netflix. And I do like this to me. I man when I watched it a home again at some point. I don't think it's going to have the impact of the sound. Is that family was amazing? And of course, the visuals to I didn't I didn't see the potential of Roma for that. Obviously. It's a beautiful film. The black white photograph photography is is is everything they say it is. But I I didn't think that it would that it would lose so much then translation, but maybe maybe the people who are raving about it did see it in the theaters maybe that is a game changer. I understand your critiques. And all, but I mean, there's a lot of scenes from the movie like images actually stuck in my head like the theater in the bedroom. I like the martial arts scene the beach the riot. Yeah. Delivery room forest fire. Like, there's a lot that I really took to heart. I have to say that's one of the ways that I kind of quietly judge a film. I see the movie. Then the next day m I still thinking about it is it rolling around in my head and my thinking about certain moments. I didn't have that with Roma. And it's funny. I had that with a green book, which is my favorite movie of the year. I just I kept thinking about that. And even the upside, which is the lesser movie. I saw a couple of days ago. I'm still thinking about some of the characters. So as part of the deeply personal connection, we have two movies when you really kind of ruminate on them. And I love that to me the best movies are the ones that you just can't get out of your head one of my personal limitations since I'm a very left brain kind of guy is that I'm really all not let not all that sensitive nor appreciative of the kind of artistic things and films like this that Dylan is sensitive to. So understandable has me. And I'd say, I'm I think I am that is on my radar. But I also want entertainment, I want this something about the stories in the characters and the situations to speak to me. So I can see the photography. Oh, it's beautiful. And I could see that the performance is a very grounded in real. But if the story is not grabbing me in some way, larger small than I do check out. So I think it's. This wouldn't be the kind of movie I would sit down on the couch and watch Brenner team. Okay. There's a warning at the beginning of the movie about nudity. So I'm expecting nudity. Well, the the only nudity I saw was a full frontal nudity by this martial arts guy, who is a despicable character. Anyway, where he's showing us his moves in the in the bedroom with Cleo the woman that he impregnates in bed and mostly indifferent to two. That's the nudity was not erotic at all. No, it's okay. No. We were warned all right now is your time to give a review of the film by giving a unit of measure based on the film itself. I'm going to start things off with giving it three dog droppings. I don't know why various since the beginning either left dropping, so she wasn't clean them Munaf. Oh, she was doing that twenty four seven. But that was stuck with me for some reason because I'm a dog person. And we do this on a scale of one to five using a unit of measure that cleverly has something to do with the movie I had to in my and I'm going to give it to naked ninjas. Okay. Five. I was also thinking of two very narrow driveways. Dylan's your turn. I'm not in the masterpiece call, but I did really appreciate it might be my favorite Somali ears. So I'm gonna give it five out of five hand. Carved 'em curated slices of cure on Seoul. Okay. Very good. And for your awards for that is tickets to see film center in Colfax wonderful place at checkout films new films older films Oscar bait movies as well. They've got everything there. And of course, you'd have a bite to eat a drink. Enjoy the lounge, and we hope you enjoy those tickets. Thank you very much. Thank you Dylan. All right. We swim enough time to let's let's start the bird box. Okay. And then we've got a couple of Mike Rosen movie club members who are going to help us with the review so kick it off, and we'll get into more detail after this is another original movie by net flicks. Starring Sandra, Bullock, a big big starring Oscar winner, and she plays a woman who learns that she's pregnant she's a little wary of the pregnancy because she doesn't not quite sure if she has the maternal instinct's to be a mom, it's one of those things that sometimes women have it's understandable. But that all gets sidetracked. When something terrible happens. All of a sudden people start committing suicide. It's almost like a massive no says takes over the country, the city the state who knows how far this reaches and people are just banging their heads against the glass walls. They're having car accidents. And she manages to escape she runs into a local house where she meets a few other people who are similarly hiding in this house for safety's sake. And that's the story. What is going on? Why are these people having these fits of craziness and also they determine that in order to stop it from happening. They need to be blindfolded. They can't see if they open their eyes outside then this mania takes over and the story also flashes forward to Sandra Bullock's character in a row boat with two children a little boy and a little girl. They're all blindfolded, and they have to get from point eight point be hopefully to find safety. So this different sort of narratives going on here, which it was a clever device, although it does reveal a little bit about who. And who dies here. So that's kind of a built in spoiler. And that's it. It's gotten mediocre reviews its allegedly been a huge hit for net. Flicks. They said that forty five million checked it out. You know, Netflix is very cagey about what they say about their ratings. They don't really reveal them unless they want to. So I take that with a bit of a grain of salt, but it has been real topic of conversation on social media. And then I don't know if we if you heard about this the bird box challenge where people blindfold themselves and go about their daily activities driving to work the hopefully not that. But Netflix came out with a tweet saying, I didn't think we had to say this. But please be safe and careful when you do the bird box challenges enjoy the movie, but don't get yourself in harm's way. So it doesn't I don't think it's a great film. I think you will agree as you as we kind of opine on it. But it has caught design guys in a way do anything for me. And I wish I had taken Sandra Bullock's advice at the very beginning of the movie. When she's giving instructions to her two kids and put a blindfold done for the entire now. Talk about killing the suspense the opening scene is Sandra Bullock, instructing her kids about what they can't do. Right. Never take the blindfolds off. And she says it's going to feel like that a long long time. This voyage on the on the river to get to safety. It was a long long time watching the movie, but that's a flashback to start the movie the rest of it is a flash forward. Yes. So you know, that the only survivors. In the two kids. All right. We'll pick it up where we left off. After these.

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