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She. Says makes. Sense it's just it's silly as chickens does she doesn't any more on healthcare and housing and? Stuff being, free someone has to build that someone asks, you what do you mean so? Wrong because people are going to win a build these things out of the goodness of their. Hearts That's not. How the world works although it'd. Be nice if it did. Three doesn't. Work that way whenever you save free you know how like you can like something on your? Phone and, like hearts will appear or you can say, congratulations on Facebook like all these? Like confetti appears so when you say free that's what happens like hearts pop in appear mix Yeah I get it but, the problem is when, you make a, right that means you now have. A right to someone else's, labor without any. Compensation that's slavery and I'm sorry Goodness But, again this is not adult thinking this, toddler thanking right, toddlers have this view of the world, that, oh, yeah. Right. Sure everything's. Shared everything's great because you don't have that thought of responsibility as an adult. Here we know that's not how the world. Works so somebody needs to tell her, that or we just let her keep talking until, November which I think's a. Good I just love how she's, like you, know unlimited wars to pay for trillion dollar tax cuts and tax cut. Extensions she actually doesn't even talk about how she was going to pay for any of. This And, by the, way when you say tax cut it doesn't it's not a cost by. The way that the cost of her whole agenda is what is it forty trillion dollars Oh my gosh yes yeah it's probably more than that when. You throw, in, all the. Stuff she wants healthcare. And housing and all that goes beyond well beyond the single payer estimates, are near forty trillion and. That's just single payer alone so yeah, no it's, ridiculous it doesn't come by she focuses on morality and. Not math because it's? She has to well it costs. Forty trillion dollars. So you're like tripling basically, income taxes and we're we're having. Record revenues come into the government right now and you know why because we have more, tax payers they have more we now, have more I, this, is what people don't understand and I think what. You said is very good point just then and I. Want to I want to underscore that with us people always say well it costs whenever you have tax cuts? Shut up. It does not cost as if it does not cost it does not cost peop-, for people to keep their money who the hell do you think pays the, government we do and it's, Cain says. When you allow people to keep more of their own money and when you allow businesses to be? Able to freely We spend their money how they need to have a successful business you create? More taxpayers. And guess what you, get more revenue through these means and this was actually this, actually happened under Kennedy by the way a democrat Kennedy You, get more more revenue federal revenue that, way than by confiscating through theft happened with Kennedy happened with Reagan it's, happening now Trump in the people. That saw it. Happened with Reagan in the the opposition now wanna demonize. This quote unquote trickle down stuff. When in, fact the, reality of trickle down even though. It's been. Negatively as, you know had this negative cover on it it works in it's been proven to work even with a democratic administration, like you. Mentioned Kennedy now completely I mean and that's that's just that's how. It goes all right so we we got some more stuff to get through. This really though I, do like it's it's endless wars at olive, garden endless wars Weiner Jim, Bridger jer Look at these customers they've stopped raping and pillaging long enough to get some endless breadsticks in. War at olive, garden when you're here you're family. A. Capacity, salad shooters. Yeah oh really quickly have I ever have, you ever seen Hang on I gotta I'm. Totally totally distracted now have you seen the this comedy writer on? Twitter says I got to watch like a thousand hours of an olive garden commercial and right. And then right, one of their own this is. What. It, wrote have. You have you have you seen that No. No no it's better it's it's it's a they say it's about. That writes a hilarious olive garden commercial and this it is it's, it's it's really it's well worth it it's a comedy writer it's a. Commercial spoofs so let me just it's cheating, Patty is the individual who ended up writing up, this is the person who wrote it may just real quickly red I forced to. Watch over one thousand hours, of olive garden commercials. And then. Ask it to write an olive garden commercial of its..

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